Looking forward…and back



Another year over, another year started. Many people would do it the logical way of looking back at what has just been, I will do the opposite and look at what I want to be achieving during 2007 (not in any particular order of importance).

* Complete my thesis
* Graduate from IUM
* Get a job I am happy with (I can’t work at the sports centre all my life)
* Get my pilots license
* Get the hell out of my parents apt. to something of my own (however, it requires me getting a job first).
* Travel (even shorter day/weekend trips will do the trick)
* Meet new interesting people
* etc………….

Going back to 2006 some things didn’t turn out quite as planned and others did

* Didn’t complete my thesis as I hoped I would
* Found a job (and left it)
* Started my PPL
* Moved back to Sweden (and enjoying it despite all my previous claims to hate this country)
* Traveled around Europe to see friends
* Made new friends
* Lost some old ones

I think that sums it up quite well

To further develop the list of new people I met in 2006 here are some of them (don’t feel offended if you’re not on the list)

* Anders W —> Fellow flying friend from Sigtuna, always cheery and get’s you in a good mood
* Anna R —–> Former colleague and now friend…. full of energy and a warm personality.
* Erica N —–> A nice LSE graduate who I ran in to during the 2006 NGEF
* Fredrik N –> Hahaha, what can I say about this “young lad”, this guy is completely insane, a good aviator and a person who always speaks what he thinks (I like people who can be as blunt as him) and I am glad I met him (at least I make myself believe I am). I will miss thy drunken calls
* Joanne S–> My internship supervisor… She made me enjoy the art of personal coaching (Including her husband and Jimbeau in this line).
* Lukas Is for Anna B what sliced bread is to the Americans… treat her please…otherwise you’ll have to deal with me 🙂 Read his Swedish blog at http://grimfors.mine.nu/lukas_blog.php
* Maggie –> Knew her before but got to know her better this year. Enjoyed ending 2006 and starting 2007 with her.
* Mateusz –> Hahah, another of those people I miss from my short time at Studentum.
* Mats L —> Now here is a guy with a heart. Mats is always there to crack a joke as well as being a good listener and coach for his team
* Patrik –> I met this guy before but didn’t get to know him as well as this year… more follows later
* Viktor W –> You’re calling me diffuse!? …. You’re forgiven as you gave me the idea to do this!

-That sort of sums it up


Here are some of the people I’d like to thank for being a big part of my life in good as well as bad times

* Adam W –> My oldest friend. Tack kompis
* Anna B —> Bed and “breakfast” at Kungsholmen and Monaco will be remembered
* Anna M —> If I stay in Sweden, I am joining Kårsdraget 🙂
* Annabel –> Need I say anything 😉
* Ben –> Cheers mate and get your a** over here soon!
* Bella –> Glad to know you and even happier you decided what you wanted to study and that you LIKE it!
* Damgaards
* Lotta –> Love those truffles
* Christian A —> Good luck with the girls
* Fredrik N —> Sauna, KS, KUZ, GON, IBX, etc….
* Bella —-> Always listening even if I know you sometimes want to hang up 😉
* Lisa & Sanna —-> Your coffee is the best!
* Hinatea ––> Let’s forget NGEF shall we and party on June 16th!
* Kangas —> Good luck with whatever you do in 2007… You deserve it!
* Jordan —> Founding associate of “We love the Damgaards”, good luck with your vagabonding
* Lisen —> I am coming to LUX in 2007… That is CERTAIN!!
* Mathilde—> Dog!
* Nance —-> 🙂
* Nadine –
–> See “Damgaards”
* Patrik —> Thanks mate for a lot of things…. make sure to have a big cup of coffee ready when I come visit you by air and I will make sure my parents feed you again 😉
* Peter—-> Right up there on the list of my absolute best friends… together we shall make 07 good…OK!?

Again to anyone who feels that they should have been on here and those of you mentioned above…… THANK YOU for 06 and all the best for 2007″

2 Responses to Looking forward…and back

  1. sam says:

    I am not a friend….


  2. Fredrik H says:

    Hey, Sam ! For what it`s worth….. He forgot to mention his own damn brother,…. so PC: u`r forgiven, but not forgotten, he-he ! Just kidding with ya !

    Snakkes vel snart igjen håper jeg. Hilsen Fredrik.

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