Stormy Weather

Well, here I am, all alone at the sport center in Sigtuna. Not much to do other than wait for another 30 minutes before I can go home. Had 5 power-outs here during the past hours due to a storm called “Per” that is messing up the lives for a couple of hundred thousand people in this country.

A sign of that I am getting old, well I know 22 is not really THAT old is that I managed to forget two very important people in my first blog entry.

1. CK Aviation guru! ask this guy about anything involving the admin part of running an airline, he’ll for sure have a pov. and often a very good one as well 😉 Enjoyed the Christmas get together he had in December. Good luck with your new job and house!

2. Daniel, a great friend, actually known him for just over 5 years now *cheers*! If I am the steamroller he’s the diplomat of us two. Glad to know you Daniel!

Otherwise, it looks like I have a challenging project ahead (not talking about my thesis) and a final move out of my parents apt. (not too bad, but I long for freedom). Hope to be able to tell you more about this soon!

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