The PC travel agency how may I help you?

Sometimes I wonder if I should have become a travel agent instead. On the other hand, the number of times friends, family, colleagues and strangers contact me for help with their travel arrangements.

Latest incident today (well didn’t receive the call but I did the work). Patrik’s dad calls asking him to find a ticket to Cairo and back… Said and done after searching through various sources I found a surprisingly cheap round-trip fare and took care of the arrangements all through the reservation. I guess this is one of the chances I have to fully play with my creative brain-half

Otherwise had yet another good and thesis free weekend. Saturday was spent flying (for the first time in just over two weeks). It was nice to be up in the air again and become acquainted with a new version of the Cessna (C150) in the shape and form of SE-KUZ toghether with instructor “Henke”. Despite the winds I managed to do 14/15 landings that were acceptable (I will NEVER be 100% happy but Henke said they were). I also enjoyed watching captain Kangaroo aka. Anders doing a landing (or was it 2 for the price of one) while waiting for my own departure.

Saturday afternoon was spent at Fyrishov (a huge pool with waterslides etc.) and with a Coffee at the good “old” Mr. Nilssons before returning down to Sigtuna to help Patrik with a small task.

This morning the alarm clock rang at 0445… You might ask yourself WHY!? Trust me, I asked myself the very same question but 30 min later Patrik showed up yet again (he left 8 hours earlier). Had a good day of sauna, food, food, food food, talking etc before he left just after 1600.

So here I sit writing this blog, chatting with friends on 4 different continents and trying to plan the week ahead. Enough written… To everyone. A Happy Chinese New Year (if you failed your resolution already here is your ultimate chance to start again)!


2 Responses to The PC travel agency how may I help you?

  1. anders says:

    I knew you’d like flying the KUZ. C150 is a girlyyyy-plane. ;-p

    Looking forward to read more of your aviation adventures!

  2. Kangas says:

    Yup, PC’s travel agency is a very good idea. Or Flight Planning Center, are you allowed to compete against the official FPC? Would be interesting to see who could get the most customers :p
    So C150 eh, you are so gonna hate flying a DA40 when you get the chance đŸ˜‰

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