850km in a car, a job interview and meeting people here there and everywhere

Life sure does turn quickly sometimes! After sending application after application without hearing anything I was starting to think that no one wanted me (sure I know that this is not true but it is nevertheless a thought that passes through your mind once or twice).

Then, last Friday, when turning on my phone after flying, I had a message from a company that shall remain unnamed until further but for a few people (no offence). Called back and left a voice mail, not expecting to hear anything before Monday at the earliest. Then on Saturday afternoon while indulging chocolate and coffee, my phone suddenly rings and a very friendly voice in the other end is wondering if I am able to come to Gothenburg within the next week. Knowing my friend Patrik was going to drive down the next day I agreed to meet Monday morning. Ran home booked my ticket to Västerås, packed, made arrangements with Patrik and Bella (for a next day coffee) and had a quick dinner before I was on my way.

Saturday evening was spend acting “driver for the drunk” so the students at SAA could enjoy a nice evening out.

Woke up early Sunday found the car covered in snow refueled, woke Patrik up and after a quick “MC Breakfast” we were on our way. The first stop after about three hours was to see Bella in Skövde for a very enjoyable coffee and chat and “sightseeing”. Continued down to Gothenburg where we had yet another coffee and pastry at my aunt and uncles and then headed over to Patrik’s parents for a Taco dinner.

Monday morning started by Mr. Murphy deciding it appropriate for me to spill on the shirt I was going to use for my interview but it was quickly solved with the help of some water. Drove in to town and arrive at the office at 08:58 (interview was due to start at 0900). It turned out to be much better than I expected, a 45 minute talk in a very relaxed environment discussing potential etc.

After Patrik had his interview we had lunch with my friend John and started our drive up through the grey Swedish landscape back home to Sigtuna where we had dinner followed by coffee with our mutual friend Fredrik.

All in all it was 840km in a car, meeting new (and old) people and starting a 10-14 day wait for an answer about my future. It also kicked-off a cold which I hope won’t stay long.


In terms of thesis, I expect another 5 days before I can call it DONE!


One Response to 850km in a car, a job interview and meeting people here there and everywhere

  1. anders says:

    Keeping all my fingers crossed on both the job and your thesis! Looking forward to humungus amounts of champagne.

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