Que sera sera

How knows what my life will be like in one month from today? Where will I live? Where will I be working? Will I even have a job? What grade did I get on my thesis? The questions are many right now and I would pay a few $$$ to get the answer. The thesis is getting there, Lydia sent me some suggestions for improvements aka. “fix this or you’ll fail” points that I have been working on. I am driven by that the end is less than a week away and I can soon put this behind me, and have one topic less for my blog.
At the same time living in the present is quite nice just taking every day as it come remembering the old song: Que sera sera, what ever will be will be…… and that is a problem for later.


One Response to Que sera sera

  1. anders says:

    Ok. My €.50 on what you’ll do in a month is… “Vill du ha plusmeny till din QP eller?” ;-p

    Nah. I really hope you will get the position you were interviewed for, you’ll be missed up here for sure. Coffee evenings will not be the same without you…

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