Another year over, but any wiser?

March 28th 2007 at 09:17, the moment I turned 23. Another year over, quite an exiting one with a lot of stuff happening in my life since my last b-day lunch in MC, work, university flying, all kinds of ups and downs.

So, how did I spend this glorious day?  Woke up at 0645 with the sun shining through my window and immediately had a feeling that it would be a GOOD day. Showered, had breakfast, took time to read the news before jumping in the car, driving up to Sundbro.  Arrived well before my instructor and started my PFI on SE-KUZ. When Henrik arrived we had our briefing and decided to perform a number of touch and go’s at Ärna (former military field) as I was a bit rusty after not flying for 6 weeks. Felt a bit stressed but slowly began to relax and the first shift was concluded by a short sightseeing trip around the lakes. 

After birthday lunch (pizza, coffee and chocolate) it was up again, this time for a longer sightseeing taking us passed Skokloster and my home town Sigtuna making a few laps around town looking at the “sights” from above.  On the way back I did some stalls, a precision approach and a touch and go before finally halting. I guess there would have been a third flight as well if my nose wouldn’t have started to bleed like mad and I decided to return home. 

Back in Sigtuna I did some preparations for my little get together on Friday evening (first time in 6 years I am celebrating in Sweden) and took grandma out for dinner and enjoying the beautiful weather… again, global warming anyone!?

Back at the apt after a quick stop at Maggie’s to enjoy long sought after peace and quiet and a Carlsberg beer.

All in all a very very good day and thank you to all blog readers who have e-mailed and called throughout the day, and to answer my question, no I haven’t got wiser, merely more experienced.


One Response to Another year over, but any wiser?

  1. anders says:

    Great fun to see you again and to meet all your friends yesterday. I guess you need some help to finish off that white wine. Coffee and dammsugare at sundbro today?

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