CAA exams part I


As you know, when the exam nerves kick-in  there is normally not much that is requires to put you in a bad mood and of course, this was what happened today when it was time for my first 4 CAA exams.


Anders  picked me up just before 0900 and together we drove to the Lidair centre at Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA/ESSB).  At first no one working at the flight school seemed to know what we were supposed to do but after some discussion we were finally set up and ready to go, or so we thought!


Upon logging on to the system we found that our school examination results were not there and thus we were unable to proceed. After a lot of phoning back and forth to the head of training at UFK, we finally managed to get things sorted and could start our exams.


After writing the HPL, Airlaw, OP procedures and radio exam I ended up with a passing mark in 3/4 subjects (OP being the odd one out). Slightly annoyed not to have passed all four, but what can you do really?


Tomorrows flying lesson involves a dual cross country to Nyköping, Norrköping and Linköping in SE-IBX!


Fly safe!





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