Up up and away…….to Linköping and back in a C172

Yet another glorious day in the land known for this and this and time for my first cross country flight. We had decided to head to Linköping via Nyköping about 90 min flying south of Uppsala.

Arrived at Sundbro just after 8 am and had a chat with my fellow PPL student Joakim and prepared as much as we could waiting for instructor “Henke” to arrive.

During the pre-flight inspection we discovered a small damage to the propeller and had to wait for “Affe” our “techie” to sort it out before we could depart.


First one to fly was Jocke and he gave us a smooth ride via Skavsta to Linköping and the SAAB airfield via Nyköping Skavsta where he did a touch and go. At the airport we met up with famous Swedish aviation blog writer Linn who was also course mate with my instructor at TFHS.

Enroute from Sundbro to Skavsta via Dunker VOR

After lunch I rapidly filed a flightplan over the internet and we started our return home. Departure from Linköping was a bit hectic as I had to backtrack knowing there was an aircraft approaching and another one about to depart behind me. However stress for nothing and we were cleared for takeoff with the approaching aircraft still a fair distance out. Heading to Skavsta we received a couple of annoying altitude clearances from Östgöta Ctrl but nevertheless we had arrived at Skavsta again where it now was my turn to do a touch and go after a 360 turn to space ourselves from other traffic. It was quite strange to do this on a 2,5km long and 45m wide runway compared to what I am used to at Sundbro. After the kangaroo jump our flight plan towards Sundbro was activated and we had a pleasant northbound journey under guidance from Stockholm control. Before entering Uppsala we closed our flightplan (or so we thought) and wished ATC a nice weekend.

During our debriefing my phone rings and when picking up I hear a worried voice asking if we were OK. It turned out that “human-error” had struck and our flightplan had not been closed and this had alerted the central air rescue command (CEFYL in Swedish). Once they confirmed we were OK there were no further problems and it is assuring to see that the system works as the book says it should.


After sitting around at Sundbro for a while speaking to fellow class mates “Bettan” and Anders I headed in to Uppsala for Lunch and a sauna with Fredrik and then headed home to bed.


All in all, flying went well with some minor flaws, but hey, no one is perfect! All the pictures (raw and uncensored) from the trip can be found here:



4 Responses to Up up and away…….to Linköping and back in a C172

  1. Gerth says:

    Härliga flygbilder! Kanske jag kan producera några liknande från mina flygningar över sydsverige nu när jag skaffat en “riktig” digitalkamera…

    Förresten: Säkerhetsbältesfrågor måste väl betraktas som lätta? Svaren finns ju i boken! De svåra frågornas svar finns inte i boken… (skämt)

  2. Putte says:

    Amenfanvanice… men vad gör ni mer era propellrar på Sundbro egentligen?? Ni kanske skulle fundera på att skaffa jet…

  3. Linn says:

    “famous Swedish aviation blog writer” – haha!!! men tack för komplimangen 🙂 kul att ni kom förbi!!

  4. PC says:

    Haha, du är ju känd bland oss flygnördar i alla fall. Var som sagt kul att du hade tid att svänga förbi! Håller fortfarande löftet att Anders och undertecknad bjuder på punschrulle och té nästa gång du är i närheten av Arlanda/Sigtuna/Stockholm/Uppsala.

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