Back for new challenges

May 27, 2007

So here I am again, back from the Turkey adventure. Had a great trip that exceeded my expectations and gave me a change to clear my mind and look towards the new challenges that lie ahead.

I think this picture sums up the journey:


 Some readers have requested a more thorough report from the actual flight and I shall try to complete one during this week (all depending on my workload).

Tomorrow my new job starts and it will be nice to (roughly) know what I am doing between 8 and 16 every Monday-Friday.

In terms of flying the only news is that Henke (my instructor) has found himself a new job and I am still waiting to hear who the new man will be.

Until next time……..




May 18, 2007

…..on holiday!


Back on the 25th


To all my Norwegian friends

May 17, 2007

I wish to say GRATULERER MED DAGEN!!!!!!




Who needs the UN, EU, NATO etc. when we have…..

May 13, 2007

….the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC)? This annual event has to qualify as politics on a higher level than any of the above organizations could ever provide.

After a semi-final where Eastern Europe completely dominated, Friday evening was the time of the big final. I must say that it belonged to one of the worst ESCs I’ve ever watched. It is never a good sign when the entry makes you want to have a sip of whiskey to think about something else.

After 24 entries, four which qualify as decent it was time for the biggest political event of the year namely the results of the XXXX jury. It was déja vù with each nation voting for their respective neighbors (the exception being Ireland who did not receive any points from the UK). I start to wonder if it is really the spectators who vote or if there is a secret jury in every country making sure that good political ties are kept “between friends.”

Again, accusations were made towards the Eastern European nations of “friend voting” but I must agree with the EBU boss Svante Stockselius that the Scandinavians are just as bad. “From Norway with love…. Sweden 12 points” etc.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Serbia (despite all the accusations of “political messages” and accusations of theft and I look forward to “a fantastic show in Belgrade”.

Finally to all voters : Spare Europe from sending parodies.. Yes France (at least translate the whole song or nothing of it), UK & Ukraine I’m talking to you!!

Uppsala tower, we have a solo!

May 11, 2007

Initial feeling when waking up this morning at 06:15, was that this was going to be a good day and it turned out to be true. Flying colleague Anders picked me up just before 07:30 and together we enjoyed the drive up to Uppsala where we first had to pick up his V50 that became my companion for the day.

Out at Sundbro, we pulled out SE-IYD, met up with Henke and decided to do yet an other “tedious” traffic pattern around the field. Taxied out and took-off on runway 03 and made a great pattern. Second and third ones were quite mediocre and on final for the fourth time Henke ordered a full stop asking me to leave the runway after landing. He then looks at me and asks “are you ready”, when answering with an affirmative he contacts Uppsala tower with the words “Uppsala tower, S-YD is now 1 person on first solo” before jumping out.

Taxied back to the holding point, took a deeeeeeeeeeeeeeep breath and slowly moved the throttle forward and up I went:

Up up and away……!


  • Landing lights off
  • Flaps up

Started the right turn around Forkarby village. Established myself on the downwind for runway 03 and did the usual checks.

  • Fuel selector: Both
  • Mixture: Rich
  • Landing lights: On
  • Carburetor heat: On
  • Flaps 10 (if under 110kts on this bird instead of 85 as on the others)

Turned on to right base, flaps 20 and 75kts followed by another right turn on to final and flaps to 30 kts. It was now when I realized that the carburetor heat wasn’t off that no one was sitting in the right seat. After quickly adjusting this I made a greaser of a landing and on my way up I started to hum “Come fly with me”, something which lasted for remainder of “Tour de Sundbro”

Capt. PC coming in for his first landing……….

On the lap turn I decided I was happy and informed of my intentions of a full stop landing. Upon taxiing back the friendly controller over at Ärna congratulated me and hoped to hear more from me on the frequency 🙂 (always motivating when ATC welcomes you back).

When jumping out of IYD I was greeted by Anders and Henke and had a smile on my face that was not to be misunderstood!

Happy or what?

All in all, it was worth the wait and I am happy I decided not to give up as I was very close to after last time!

Some numbers to date:

Total: 27,1 hours

Dual: 26,2 hours

PIC: 0,9 hours

Landings: 111

Some more pictures from today (c) Anders Wilhelm can be found here
A final picture of someone wanting nothing but to get up in the air again:



May 10, 2007

120 days after leaving my former employer I have now finally found myself a new endeavor. On May 28th, I shall be taking on a new challenge at the sales department of News Factory AB in Stockholm.

I can’t write more about this at the moment but rest assure that I will keep you updated as much as I can, company regulations taken in to consideration.

Flying tomorrow for the first time in two weeks. That is if weather doesn’t stop me!

In search of inspiration part I

May 4, 2007


View from my (parents) balcony


Sitting on a Friday evening, sipping on a G&T with this view can’t do much else than inspire even the most uninspired person. Took a week of from flying to analyze why I “sucked” and found the answer!!! However next Friday SE-GON and I meet again!