Who needs the UN, EU, NATO etc. when we have…..

….the Eurovision Song Contest (ESC)? This annual event has to qualify as politics on a higher level than any of the above organizations could ever provide.

After a semi-final where Eastern Europe completely dominated, Friday evening was the time of the big final. I must say that it belonged to one of the worst ESCs I’ve ever watched. It is never a good sign when the entry makes you want to have a sip of whiskey to think about something else.

After 24 entries, four which qualify as decent it was time for the biggest political event of the year namely the results of the XXXX jury. It was déja vù with each nation voting for their respective neighbors (the exception being Ireland who did not receive any points from the UK). I start to wonder if it is really the spectators who vote or if there is a secret jury in every country making sure that good political ties are kept “between friends.”

Again, accusations were made towards the Eastern European nations of “friend voting” but I must agree with the EBU boss Svante Stockselius that the Scandinavians are just as bad. “From Norway with love…. Sweden 12 points” etc.

Nevertheless, congratulations to Serbia (despite all the accusations of “political messages” and accusations of theft and I look forward to “a fantastic show in Belgrade”.

Finally to all voters : Spare Europe from sending parodies.. Yes France (at least translate the whole song or nothing of it), UK & Ukraine I’m talking to you!!


One Response to Who needs the UN, EU, NATO etc. when we have…..

  1. F says:

    Det var bättre när det hette Eurovision Melody Grand Prix och Loffe höll i svenska uttagningen 😀

    low n’ slow


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