First week over!

So, the first week at the Factory is now over. So far it seems as if I am working with really great people who made me feel welcome and a part of the team from the very first start. Working on an interesting and challenging project at the moment and closed my first sale today 🙂


Mr. Salesman “hard” at work!

No flying this week as I am “between instructors” and I would have been to tired todo anything good out of it. This weekend will be a nice and relaxing one with movies, a beer or two and a trip to the EAA expo in Stockholm.


2 Responses to First week over!

  1. tuppluren says:

    Hm.. isn’t there a law against being *hard* at the work? :-p

  2. tuppluren says:

    see you tomorrow. bring your camera. felix will bring his uppblåsbara barbara, no… meant inflatable bangkok airlines plane.

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