What do you do on a national day…..

….without any traditions?

Well, from what I saw today, I wasn’t the only one asking that question. According to a survey that was conducted recently 53% of the Swedes have no clue why we celebrate this day. What makes things more ironic is that it is only the third year which it is a holiday. Everywhere stores are advertising BBQ tips, flags, alcoholic beverages and other specials, not to mention dinner specials. Honestly it is turning out to be another peak day for the merchants. Compare with Norway, France etc. where we can talk about traditions and a real national day.

In terms of flying, I am crazy to get back up in the air again and have now found my “new” instructor.  Anders reports from his flying didn’t exactly help. Sunday will bring me a repetition of what I’ve done and my first solo navigation to Västerås and back for a hamburger with Patrik (or at least I hope he’ll be there). As it seems now, the trip will be completed with SE-KUZ who is back to cover up when GON and ICL are being services and YES I am referring to the aircraft as a person on purpose.

At work, things are moving along swiftly with plenty to do each day. The colleagues are (still) great and new challenges come up daily.


3 Responses to What do you do on a national day…..

  1. tuppluren says:

    Cheer up sport. Our favorite plane is back! Just like Arnold.

  2. johanna says:

    haha, well.. jag får väll se hur det blir med det där, funderar på att dra varannan =) Hoppas flygningen o allt går bra!

  3. tigern says:

    Jag förknippar nationaldagen med att spela. Vi har alltid spelat på något av nationaldagsfirandet i kommunen. Och nu när det är röd dag, så ligger det mitt på dagen, ute vi görvälns slott, super mycket folk och marknad m.m. jättetrevligt.
    jag har nog inte varit med om någon nationaldag där jag inte sjungit nationalsången, och spelat “under blågul fana”

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