Lightning and thunder, magic and wonder- Tour du Suède

Opened my eyes at 0600 to find that it was going to be yet another glorius day and checking the weather forecast issued by Luftfartsverket only confirmed this.

Hence, I took a shower and ate a steady breakfast before heading north towards the airfield.

I met up with Anders (who helped me with the title for this entry) and together we pulled out SE-KUZ from the hangar as we were both going to share the aircraft that day.

Returned to the club house to do the final calculations for the first two legs and then watched Anders take off for his “pre check-ride” praying that there wouldn’t be any problems with the aircraft so that I could fufill my plan.

At about 1030 SE-KUZ returned and I refueled in order to do some touch and go training with Mikkel (to prove for both him and myself that I can actually land an aircraft).

A quick de-briefing/briefing later I was on my way north towards Gävle Sandviken airport. At first, the field was a bit tricky to find as smoke from a saw mill was covering my path but I found my way down and considering my lack of experience on asphalt I made a more than satisfactory landing on runway 36. While taxiing in towards the terminal, I am called up on the radio and requested to taxi up to the flying club.

There I met up with Alex, later on Sofia and went for a cup of coffee at her house. After some 90 minutes on the ground, it was time for the next hop, over to Borlänge, estimated to take 35 minutes. Took off towards the north and at 700 ft I started my turn towards Borlänge VOR. Then suddenly, I lost all radio contact with Sweden control and at first I thought of turning back to Gävle. Then, I heard a SAS flight and he helped me to relay the messages. Nothing more to report here other than the fantastic scenery:

Uneventful approach with a lot of traffic at Borlänge Airport and in to the briefing room where I found Anders sunglasses from his visit a few days earlier and the computer screen showing his blog!!

“The KUZ” parked at Borlänge Dala Airport


Took off again on runway 14 and set course directly towards Aros VOR (ARS) and had to stop at 3,000ft instead of the originally intended 4,500ft due to the CRAPPY!!! climb performance of the C150 on this warm day. A Norwegian Air Shuttle pilot took the opportunity to bully me for not flying a “real aircraft” but got a sarcastic reply.

On 123,45 I suddenly ended up speaking to the Prince of Thailand and an Emirates flight, en route from Dubai to JFK and after saying goodbye to both of them it was time to contact Västerås for the approach. I originally intended a right base to runway 01 but later opted for a left base instead which took me straight over the city and lake Mälaren, covered with boats, all the way to the final approach. After the third good landing of the day I taxied in to Apron 4 where Patrik was waiting to take me for dinner.


One culinary experience later, I was on board for my last leg of the day, back “home” to Sundbro. Took off on runway 01 and left the control zone via Björksta heading North East. Half way to Uppsala Stockholm calls me up to inform me that there is a HUGE CB coming in from the left. Starting to sweat slightly but made it safely back to base even if I had quite a shower pass over me, happy to find a clean t-shirt in the back of my car. Parked KUZ for the night, wrapped up the paperwork and headed home for a cold cold COLD shower.

Closing this entry with a “summery” picture from Sundbro at 2025 yesterday:


Thank you Anders for the title suggestion!


One Response to Lightning and thunder, magic and wonder- Tour du Suède

  1. tuppluren says:

    It seems that you were having a blast! Many thanks for finding my sunglasses. Hope you’ll be up buzzing again in a jiffy. Will I be seeing you out at Sundbro tomorrow tuesday? An aviatrix named B….n will be there with her Solo-cake you know… 1300Z.

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