A weekend in Luxemburg

Last weekend, time for yet another trip, and this time Luxemburg was the destination. The primary reason was to sort out a contract and the second to visit my old friend Louise and her boyfriend Tommy with family.

After a pleasant flight with SAS via Copenhagen, I met up with the client and we quickly settled what was needed before he had to head back almost the same way as I came. A quick lunch later I was picked up by the father of Tommy, Tony and taken to Hunsdorf for a short rest before the celebrations of the Fête Nationale, birthday of the Grand-Duke was due to commence.

After a good dinner and a few drinks, it was time for one of the biggest and most sparkling fireworks I have ever seen. Too bad the music wasn’t working as I think they had intended it to.


Saturday, we all woke up with a hang-over (are we getting old or did we just drink more than usual?) had a light breakfast and headed in to Luxemburg City where I was shown around, had a pleasant lunch at Oscar Wilde’s and a coffee at Place d’Armes.



Finally, on Sunday, time to head home but first a steady “Swedish” lunch and a tour around the countryside. Sad to leave and happy to come back any day, thanks guys!



4 Responses to A weekend in Luxemburg

  1. Lukas says:

    Hey, nice photo of the canal! so that’s Luxembourg city, or did I misunderstand that part?

  2. PC says:

    It is the valley in LUX city. You can’t miss it 😉

  3. tupplur says:

    Grymt kul ikväll. Vart kör vi härnäst, ENGM?

  4. Lukas says:

    Well, after having spent one day in Luxembourg city, I must confess that I did miss that view. however, that wasn’t a problem, we say many other great views instead, both of the city itself and of the surrounding area. My photos aren’t online yet, but they will be sooner or later…

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