To Åland and Back

To celebrate Anders passed check-ride, we set off on a evening trip to Mariehamn, on the Åland islands for dinner.

On the train from Stockholm to Uppsala, I receive a message from Anders saying that IYD is grounded due to a speed indicator which isn’t working as it should.  With the help of  Alex I am able to book IBX and change the flight plan accordingly with the Flight Planning Centre at Arlanda.

I catered up with something to drink before heading out to Sundbro to prepare the aircraft. We had decided to try a “two pilot system” with  our roles deifined as follows:

Anders: Pilot Flying

Me: Radio operator/Paper work etc.

We taxied out and took off on runway 21 and slowly started our turn eastwards as I contacted Stockholm control to activate our flight plan and receive clearance for higher altitudes but due to the clouds, we remained at 2000ft for the whole journey.  After speaking to two Swedish controllers, we were handed over to Mariehamn tower and greeted with a “hyvää iltaa” and permission to start our approach. After a smooth ride in some -SHRA  (light rain for those non-flyers) IBX greased the runway at Mariehamn and proof that Anders is used to small fields was shown as we vacated the runway without having to backtrack.

Walked in to the small but “home like” terminal building and enjoyed a good meal before stepping up to the tower to pay our landing fee of €39,04. As we came down again the terminal was now full of people going to the International Island Games in Rhodes and hence, a 757 from Finnair had been chartered to bring them there. Too bad we never had the chance to see it land as we had to leave.

Before taking off however, we had one mission left, namely to cater up with some alcohol as prices here are much lower compared to the Swedish monopoly.

The wheels left terra firma at 2320 and as we flew back one time zone, we landed at 2320 after a cruise at 5500ft with good service from ATC as usual. All that remained now was paperwork, pull the aircraft in to the hangar and drive back to Sigtuna where I jumped in to bed and slept like a log.

Some pictures from the journey:








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