Operator, please give me EFMA on the line

July 31, 2007

Flying as PIC is fun, but flying as radio operator can actually be just as fun. Friday Anders, Elisabet, I and SE-GON will fly to Mariehamn and back. The plan is the same as last time i.e. Anders flies and I babble with ATC and on the way back Elisabet will take the right hand seat.

At EFMA we’ll enjoy some Thai food and a visit to the Finnair Plus shop to cater some bottles with stronger liquids. I expect to give you a report after the trip.





Eight ball

July 29, 2007

Sadly enough, the meteorology was not on my side and a retake will have to be done at a later date. Well well, 8 down and 1 to go.

7 UP

July 24, 2007

I think this image can describe my situation with the CAA exams at the moment

In clear text this means that I have completed 7/9 exams. The lemon will have to symbolize the sourness of the retakes I had to do. Hopefully I will have a “full house” on Thursday afternoon.

Once that is done I only have 9 hours of flying left before the big check-ride.

My name is Hood

July 13, 2007

M and I took of from runway 21 and set course northbound towards Skuttunge Church and then headed towards our normal practice area above Lake Tämnaren. Half way there M takes out the hood (picture in the last blog entry) and fitted it over my head so I could only see the instruments and max 5% of what was outside. After a short introduction, he then asked me to do normal turns, steep turns, climbing and descending turns to show that a) I remembered how to do them and b) could do them solely based on the instruments without any visual references.

Second part of the lesson was to fly around on given headings, in and out of clouds (easier than planned as they were not very thick today). He then placed me in to abnormal positions that I had to recover from and then set course back towards Uppsala again.

As a third and final exercise, we set course towards UP (the NDB beacon north of Uppsala) and from there proceeded to to an ILS approach to runway 21 (still under the hood). At 300ft I was allowed to take my hood of and found myself on a good course for a safe landing at ESCM, climbed out and returned to Sundbro after a total of 55 minutes in the air.

The instrument lesson was interesting from three perspectives:

1) To suddenly focus on instruments you’ve almost been told to ignore

2) To experience how much visual references help you.

3) See what luxury it is to tackle a C172 compared to a C150

Total standing after todayTotal time: 35,6 hours

Solo time 7,8 hours

No of landings: 125

Instrument: 0,8

Next lesson, next week!

Under the hood

July 12, 2007

Tomorrow, I shall spend at least 1 hour under the hood tomorrow flying my first instrument lesson. Stay tuned for the report if weather doesn’t stop me.

Absolutely FANTASTIC flying

July 11, 2007

As always, when my day involves flying, I have a tendency to wake up before the alarm clock and today was no different as the alam clock was set for 0715 and I got out of bed at 0636.

Checked in with the online MET service and had my expectations confirmed; FLYING CONDITIONS!!!! Drove my father to the golf course and then set off north to Sundbro where SE-KUZ was waiting for me. Did the walk around and the calculations with the latest wind information before packing the aircraft and taxied out to rwy 21 heading north west. On the way up I used Borlänge VOR to guide me and enjoyed listening to the chatter on 123,45 (the nonsense frequency) before it was time to descend in to a deserted Dala Airport. Firmly on the ground (the landing was quite firm as well) I spent some time with a bottle of water and a chocolate bar purchased in Uppsala.


At 0930Z (1130L) I started the engine again and headed towards Mora overflying the construction site at Siljansnäs (give me money and I’ll buy a house there). I’ll stop next time I’m along the route.

Upon landing at Mora, the rain came and I was happy to have a Cessna and not a PA28 so I could seek cover. Met up with Magnus, a fellow flying nut and together we had lunch in downtown Mora.


The finish line of Vasaloppet


After lunch and confirmation that the winds hadn’t changed much I set “sail” south again for Borlänge and this time I was greeted by a friendly controller who invited me up for a visit and a nice chat (I suspect he was bored) 🙂

All good things come to an end and now, with the last leg to Sundbro I placed myself at 3,500 at cruised comfortably over the Swedish landscape. I even had time for a photo:



I entered the control zone via Jumkil and made sure to keep myself well away from any gliders that were reported to be in the area and entered in to the traffic pattern for rwy 21 (nice to touch down on grass again). All in all I logged 3,7 hours and 4 landings bringing me up to:


Total: 34,5 hours

Solo: 7,8 hours

Landings: 124


The end is near… I dread tomorrow and the CAA exams!

Go (North)west!

July 10, 2007
The 24 hour prognosis looks promising:
ESSA 101010Z 101818 20007KT 9999 SCT035=

The plan is thus to fly Uppsala-Borlänge-Mora-Borlänge-Uppsala and in nerd language it looks like this
-N0090F045 DCT 6010N01630E DCT

-N0090A025 DCT 6045N01450E DCT


-N0090A025 DCT 6045N01450E DCT

-N0090F035 DCT 6010N01630E DCT