Absolutely FANTASTIC flying

As always, when my day involves flying, I have a tendency to wake up before the alarm clock and today was no different as the alam clock was set for 0715 and I got out of bed at 0636.

Checked in with the online MET service and had my expectations confirmed; FLYING CONDITIONS!!!! Drove my father to the golf course and then set off north to Sundbro where SE-KUZ was waiting for me. Did the walk around and the calculations with the latest wind information before packing the aircraft and taxied out to rwy 21 heading north west. On the way up I used Borlänge VOR to guide me and enjoyed listening to the chatter on 123,45 (the nonsense frequency) before it was time to descend in to a deserted Dala Airport. Firmly on the ground (the landing was quite firm as well) I spent some time with a bottle of water and a chocolate bar purchased in Uppsala.


At 0930Z (1130L) I started the engine again and headed towards Mora overflying the construction site at Siljansnäs (give me money and I’ll buy a house there). I’ll stop next time I’m along the route.

Upon landing at Mora, the rain came and I was happy to have a Cessna and not a PA28 so I could seek cover. Met up with Magnus, a fellow flying nut and together we had lunch in downtown Mora.


The finish line of Vasaloppet


After lunch and confirmation that the winds hadn’t changed much I set “sail” south again for Borlänge and this time I was greeted by a friendly controller who invited me up for a visit and a nice chat (I suspect he was bored) 🙂

All good things come to an end and now, with the last leg to Sundbro I placed myself at 3,500 at cruised comfortably over the Swedish landscape. I even had time for a photo:



I entered the control zone via Jumkil and made sure to keep myself well away from any gliders that were reported to be in the area and entered in to the traffic pattern for rwy 21 (nice to touch down on grass again). All in all I logged 3,7 hours and 4 landings bringing me up to:


Total: 34,5 hours

Solo: 7,8 hours

Landings: 124


The end is near… I dread tomorrow and the CAA exams!

One Response to Absolutely FANTASTIC flying

  1. tupplur says:

    Break a leg tomorrow, I’m counting on a debriefing coffee at either Myntet or perhaps Café Kalle Flygare/ESKB with ESD? ;-p

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