My name is Hood

M and I took of from runway 21 and set course northbound towards Skuttunge Church and then headed towards our normal practice area above Lake Tämnaren. Half way there M takes out the hood (picture in the last blog entry) and fitted it over my head so I could only see the instruments and max 5% of what was outside. After a short introduction, he then asked me to do normal turns, steep turns, climbing and descending turns to show that a) I remembered how to do them and b) could do them solely based on the instruments without any visual references.

Second part of the lesson was to fly around on given headings, in and out of clouds (easier than planned as they were not very thick today). He then placed me in to abnormal positions that I had to recover from and then set course back towards Uppsala again.

As a third and final exercise, we set course towards UP (the NDB beacon north of Uppsala) and from there proceeded to to an ILS approach to runway 21 (still under the hood). At 300ft I was allowed to take my hood of and found myself on a good course for a safe landing at ESCM, climbed out and returned to Sundbro after a total of 55 minutes in the air.

The instrument lesson was interesting from three perspectives:

1) To suddenly focus on instruments you’ve almost been told to ignore

2) To experience how much visual references help you.

3) See what luxury it is to tackle a C172 compared to a C150

Total standing after todayTotal time: 35,6 hours

Solo time 7,8 hours

No of landings: 125

Instrument: 0,8

Next lesson, next week!

One Response to My name is Hood

  1. Gerth says:

    Interesting. Will this one be the only instrumental lesson for you? In my club we have the instrumental education divided into six lessons; introduction (level flight); climb, descend, turn; turning to specified course while climbing/descending; steep turns and abnormal positions; nav-aids; landing…
    One of them (2nd) done today – read further in my blog (in swedish).

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