My Firday

August 31, 2007

Short decription of my Friday.


* Got up at 05:01
* Went to work
* Had an unproductive morning
* Ate a huge pizza
* Had an unproductive afternnon
* Received a call from my old boss at baywatch and agreed to work
* Took a train/taxi home
* Ate a shrimp sandwich
* Drove to Valsta
* Started to work, and here I am


Crazy crayfish weekend!

August 27, 2007

This has to qualify as one of the heaviest week(ends) in 2007. Started at 1600 with a beer at the office to celebrate a very successful week and the end of a project that went beyond ALL expectations.

Continued to my “little sister” Julia for birthday dinner and cake and a lovely time (as always). Back to the office by taxi to catch up with the colleagues who, by now, had consumed quite a lot of alcohol and were all in a very good mood 🙂

After a few hours of socializing we continued onwards to Undici where I took one drink before heading towards the central station. Well on board the train, the driver announces that all trains in central Sweden are canceled and the only way to get home is by taxi. This meant that hundreds of people started to run for the taxi stands. After 15 min of hunting I found three others heading north and we decided to share the first available cab. 800:- later I arrived at Märsta station from where I took another taxi and arrived home only 15 min later than expected.

Woke up the next morning and figured that I would be sober by the time I had intended to leave the house so I finished off the last details on the cake that I had to bring with me to Flygets dag at UFK.

The day was very enjoyable and allowed me to meet the girl/boyfriends of some of my course mates as well. There was unfortunately not a lot of activities for those of us who are already on our way with the license.

Leaving Sundbro Fredrik and myself enjoyed a coffee in town before it was time to head to the second crayfish evening of the week at Ida and Benny’s. This has to be one of the top two parties of 2007 with an adequate number of people allowing everyone to socialize and have a splendid time before falling asleep on the floor at 0400.


Realized when I woke up, I realized that it was past 1pm and no chance in h*ll that nothing productive would be done during the day and still not fit to drive I engulfed a nice big pizza and some crisps while watching the athletics from Osaka. Closer to 3,30pm I decided that my alcohol level was below the Swedish legal limit and drove southbound along the E4. Stopped at the sports center for a sauna and a chat with some old colleagues before heading home to spare ribs and a salad with blue cheese dressing.

After a nice evening walk, I slipped in to something more comfortable and fell asleep in front of the TV watching Beck.




No ideas what to write

August 19, 2007

Thou shan’t give up

August 11, 2007

Despite the prognosis, the sun came out and ruined my day, as I was stuck at home.  Well, it seems as if we have an aircraft tomorrow and the plan is:

-N0090A025 DCT LNA DCT


October came early this year

August 10, 2007

ESSA 101610Z 110024 07007KT 0500 FG VV002 TEMPO 0007 4000
BR BKN007 BECMG 0609 9999 BKN015 TEMPO 0924 4000 SHRA BKN020CB
PROB40 1924 BKN009=

Baguette, barley Barkarby, blondes, balloons, boats, breathtaking and beer

August 8, 2007

Came home from work at 1730 and took a quick Baguette with cheese and salami before driving my father and Mr. Strudel to Vassunda Airfield where Anders was waiting to take them up on a sightseeing over Sigtuna. I watched them take of and then sat down in the grass to enjoy the sun.

Three men in a boat.. ehrm Cessna


After about 25 minutes I heard the familiar sound of ESD coming in towards runway 11. Anders told me to drive the two other gentlemen home and return with two bottles of water. Well back att “Vasslanda” we took off again and set course towards Barkarby. On the way down we took a soar of the Swedish summer landscape and watched a harvester full at work on a field.


When approaching “Masten” we heard the 6 Skybird ladies departing on a practice session on the south side of the Vallentuna lake while we set course for runway 06 and taxied to the refueling area and watched the traffic arriving and departing. Taxiing out again we contemplated what to do but decided to take the decision once we came up in the air. We had to hold for the ladies coming back in on a straight line and the line of balloons that had toured the city and heading for Barkarby.


Balloon parade


Following the border of the Bromma control zone we decided that it was best not to bother with overflying the city and headed out along Furusundsleden towards the Baltic Sea instead touring Vaxholm on the way out. Took a tour over two ships heading towards Tallin and Åland (I wonder what the passengers thought when we passed by).

Both being content we turned home and when approaching Arlanda we asked the tower if we could pass through the control zone. Much to our surprise we received “cleared direct towards the tower at 1000ft or less”. Said and done, we aimed at the tower and just before reaching the field we were asked to do a 360 in order to allow a Finnair aircraft to land on rwy 19R before overflying an empty airport.



At Vassunda church we thanked the controller and commenced our descent towards runway 11 where ESD touched ground after 50 minutes of enjoyable flying.


All that remained now was to enjoy a beer at Farbror Blå before heading home to bed.





Push not approved and a small complaint!

August 5, 2007

Woke up this morning feeling fine, there was only one thing on my mind, FLYING! With the sun shining and J (girlfriend of Anders) lending me a car I was all set, or so I thought. When I came to pick up the car it started up and I put it in reverse but it didn’t move. Tried driving forward, same result. After trying a few times I entered in to the “I am not allowed to fly” mood i.e. grumpy as hell. Drove home and sent A. a text message that I would return the key in the afternoon. 2 minutes later the phone rings and Anders (and J) offer to lend me their Volvo V50 instead.

Volvo V50

The Volvo V50


With a much happier face I headed up towards Sundbro and arrived there faster than usual (or at least it felt so). At the airfield, I did all my pre-flight points for SE-IYD our Cessna 172, refueled the aircraft and soon I was on my way. First mission was a sightseeing trip over Sigtuna. Called up a very friendly controller at Arlanda and was granted entry via Vassunda at or below 1000 to do some laps over town. I did 4 over my house and proceeded over to the western parts to terrorize Anders for a minute or two. When I heard other traffic approaching, I decided to get out and headed towards Bålsta and Lena (NDB beacon). From there, I set course towards UP, outside Uppsala with the intention of continuing up to Lake Tämnaren for some air work.




Me over Sigtuna (Photo by: L. Jonsson)


However, clouds were surprisingly low, approx 1500ft, so the only work I did were some basic maneuvers such as steep turns, climbing turns, descending turns etc. (some of this was done under way). Stalls will have to be saved for next time. Returned back to Sundbro and did a fairly OK touch and go (or was it 3 in one) and finished with a complete traffic pattern before ending the session with a good landing. Taxied in, only to find that the airborne time was not more than 1h and 1 min.

Jumped in the car and drove home via Arlanda to meet my parents friends from France who are visiting for the coming 9 days.

All in all, I had yet a good day in the air. My altitude keeping is improving and so are my maneuvering skills. Only thing I could have done better is have the map prepared before instead of doing it in the air. Well, mistake from my side.


Will writing this entry I received a phone call that someone (without a life) in the lovely city of Sigtuna had called air traffic control (ATC) to complain that my laps over town had disturbed their Sunday morning. The answer from ATC had been “I’m sorry but it happens from time to time”. I have a feeling who the person complaining is but I won’t hang him/her on this blog (that is for the next time I see this person in the local ICA store).

Today I thank (in no order of importance).


My dad

Anders & Josefin



Arlanda Tower


So where am I at this stage?


Total: 36,9

Dual: 27,8

Solo: 9,1

Inst: 0,8

Ldgs: 128


Next flight should hopefully be next weekend and this time with an instructor 🙂