SE-GON, Hyvää iltaa, Tax free denied

After a long and busy day at work, I caught the green line of the Stockholm Subway and headed towards Alvik where I was picked up by fellow PPL student Elisabet/”Eliza”/”Bettan” and via a gas station we headed out towards Barkarby airfield (ESKB) to complete the flight planning while waiting for Anders to arrive with SE-GON from Uppsala.

After a quick turn-around and coffee break we were on our way again and when leaving the Barkarby area we contacted Stockholm control to activate our flight plan. However, due to some low clouds we decided to climb stepwise and we reached our final level of 3,500 ft right before Norrtälje at which point we were handed over to Sweden control for flight following. Just before reaching DODAM (a FIX just on the border to Finish Airspace) we contacted Mariehamn tower with a friendly Hyvää iltaa Maarianhamina. The response was a (to Anders and myself) familiar voice from our last visit to the Island and due to the low level of traffic we were given our landing clearance very far out, perhaps she needed a break.

After touch down, we vacated withot having to backtrack and following the same procedure as last time with parking at stand 4.

Up to the tower to settle our landing fees and receive our paper allowing us to make the tax-free purchase. However, as soon as the slip was written we realized that the last scheduled flight for the day had departed and the shop was closed. Instead we visited our friends at the Poo-Thai restaurant for a nice Paneng-gai.

After some fresh air we inspected GON and started the journey home again with a flying time of almost 30 min more as a result of the strong head-wind. Having dropped E off, we returned back to Sundbro with difficulties keeping a straight face on the club frequency and landed just before having required a NQ.

Refuled Anders car on the way home and suddenly realized that I still had the keys to GON in my pocket, there was no option but to turn back and drop them off. Finally, at 23:37 I was home and bounced in to bed.

Here are two highlights from the trip:




One Response to SE-GON, Hyvää iltaa, Tax free denied

  1. tupplur says:

    Great fun as usual to soar the skies with you. So where are we going next?

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