Push not approved and a small complaint!

Woke up this morning feeling fine, there was only one thing on my mind, FLYING! With the sun shining and J (girlfriend of Anders) lending me a car I was all set, or so I thought. When I came to pick up the car it started up and I put it in reverse but it didn’t move. Tried driving forward, same result. After trying a few times I entered in to the “I am not allowed to fly” mood i.e. grumpy as hell. Drove home and sent A. a text message that I would return the key in the afternoon. 2 minutes later the phone rings and Anders (and J) offer to lend me their Volvo V50 instead.

Volvo V50

The Volvo V50


With a much happier face I headed up towards Sundbro and arrived there faster than usual (or at least it felt so). At the airfield, I did all my pre-flight points for SE-IYD our Cessna 172, refueled the aircraft and soon I was on my way. First mission was a sightseeing trip over Sigtuna. Called up a very friendly controller at Arlanda and was granted entry via Vassunda at or below 1000 to do some laps over town. I did 4 over my house and proceeded over to the western parts to terrorize Anders for a minute or two. When I heard other traffic approaching, I decided to get out and headed towards Bålsta and Lena (NDB beacon). From there, I set course towards UP, outside Uppsala with the intention of continuing up to Lake Tämnaren for some air work.




Me over Sigtuna (Photo by: L. Jonsson)


However, clouds were surprisingly low, approx 1500ft, so the only work I did were some basic maneuvers such as steep turns, climbing turns, descending turns etc. (some of this was done under way). Stalls will have to be saved for next time. Returned back to Sundbro and did a fairly OK touch and go (or was it 3 in one) and finished with a complete traffic pattern before ending the session with a good landing. Taxied in, only to find that the airborne time was not more than 1h and 1 min.

Jumped in the car and drove home via Arlanda to meet my parents friends from France who are visiting for the coming 9 days.

All in all, I had yet a good day in the air. My altitude keeping is improving and so are my maneuvering skills. Only thing I could have done better is have the map prepared before instead of doing it in the air. Well, mistake from my side.


Will writing this entry I received a phone call that someone (without a life) in the lovely city of Sigtuna had called air traffic control (ATC) to complain that my laps over town had disturbed their Sunday morning. The answer from ATC had been “I’m sorry but it happens from time to time”. I have a feeling who the person complaining is but I won’t hang him/her on this blog (that is for the next time I see this person in the local ICA store).

Today I thank (in no order of importance).


My dad

Anders & Josefin



Arlanda Tower


So where am I at this stage?


Total: 36,9

Dual: 27,8

Solo: 9,1

Inst: 0,8

Ldgs: 128


Next flight should hopefully be next weekend and this time with an instructor 🙂




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