Baguette, barley Barkarby, blondes, balloons, boats, breathtaking and beer

Came home from work at 1730 and took a quick Baguette with cheese and salami before driving my father and Mr. Strudel to Vassunda Airfield where Anders was waiting to take them up on a sightseeing over Sigtuna. I watched them take of and then sat down in the grass to enjoy the sun.

Three men in a boat.. ehrm Cessna


After about 25 minutes I heard the familiar sound of ESD coming in towards runway 11. Anders told me to drive the two other gentlemen home and return with two bottles of water. Well back att “Vasslanda” we took off again and set course towards Barkarby. On the way down we took a soar of the Swedish summer landscape and watched a harvester full at work on a field.


When approaching “Masten” we heard the 6 Skybird ladies departing on a practice session on the south side of the Vallentuna lake while we set course for runway 06 and taxied to the refueling area and watched the traffic arriving and departing. Taxiing out again we contemplated what to do but decided to take the decision once we came up in the air. We had to hold for the ladies coming back in on a straight line and the line of balloons that had toured the city and heading for Barkarby.


Balloon parade


Following the border of the Bromma control zone we decided that it was best not to bother with overflying the city and headed out along Furusundsleden towards the Baltic Sea instead touring Vaxholm on the way out. Took a tour over two ships heading towards Tallin and Åland (I wonder what the passengers thought when we passed by).

Both being content we turned home and when approaching Arlanda we asked the tower if we could pass through the control zone. Much to our surprise we received “cleared direct towards the tower at 1000ft or less”. Said and done, we aimed at the tower and just before reaching the field we were asked to do a 360 in order to allow a Finnair aircraft to land on rwy 19R before overflying an empty airport.



At Vassunda church we thanked the controller and commenced our descent towards runway 11 where ESD touched ground after 50 minutes of enjoyable flying.


All that remained now was to enjoy a beer at Farbror Blå before heading home to bed.






One Response to Baguette, barley Barkarby, blondes, balloons, boats, breathtaking and beer

  1. tupplur says:

    I had so much fun yesterday. Let us do it again (slowly) next week.

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