Windy as……

As I mentioned last night, I was sure something would stop me from getting up in the air today. However, much to my surprise this “something” did not strike.

At 0915 Mr. Kraal picked me up at Statoil and together we set course towards Sundbro for what was said to be x-wind training and I think this is called the understatement of the year with the TAF showing:

ESSA 150530Z 150615 25007KT CAVOK TEMPO 0611 SHRA BKN014
BKN020CB BECMG 0709 29015G27KT=

Well well, at the field, we sat down to wait for M. to land with his first student for the day. As soon as the plane was back I performed my PFC and connected my new headset to the intercom.

With M. and Ben on board I taxied out and took of on runway 03 proceeding directly in to the traffic circuit. First 2-3 landings were nothing but PURE C-R-A-P, a combination of lack of routine and STRONG winds (close to maximum allowance for the C172). However, slowly but steadily, I started to get used to the conditions and the last 3 landings were close to satisfactory.

After landing, we took a short break and decided that we would now take a trip to Västerås Johannisberg with Ben as PIC and me in the back seat and then swap on the return sector. Said and done, Ben did a smooth crossing, but allowed M. to perform the landing as the winds were now at the maximum allowance and with only 2 hours in the luggage I found this to be a wise choice indeed. A hard landing later and taxi in to the guest parking we headed in to the club house for lunch before it was time to steer home again and this time with me behind the controls.

Took of of on runway 23 and bounced out over the Västerås Bay and the city center towards Björksta looking at Jacob Holländer doing some advanced aerobatics in his Pits. Left the control zone and headed towards Skogs-Tibble before overflying the field and landing on rwy. 21. This time a fully satisfactory landing.

After landing the day could have been over but no! The first student of the day needed people to practice flying with a maximum load and after various exercises we returned and the day was now over.

As to my verdict of the headset: WONDERFUL!!!!

Status at the moment is:


Dual: 29,3


Inst: 0,8

Ldgs: 142


3 Responses to Windy as……

  1. tupplurad says:

    Weeeehoooo. Wonderfull! Ljuset i tunneln osv…

  2. Gerth says:

    Skönt att vara tillbaka i luften, nicht wahr?

  3. tupplurad says:

    Jag är på att flyga vilken seneftermiddag som helst… men kom med förslag på vart vi ska. Känns som att vi börjar kunna ESSA-kontrollzon runt nu.

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