“Rote” and TGL

0830, Anders arrived to pick me up and in duo, we headed to Vasslanda International where SE-ESD was waiting to fly us north to Sundbro. After a smooth ride, Anders started to refuel SD while I went to take care of the preparations of SE-IYD, my ride for the day.

Taxied out after Anders and while he made a loop of honor over the field, I headed towards Västerås soon to be caught up, and passed, by A following his “6” towards Västerås and Johannisberg. I smiled at some of the clearances that involved both aircraft, “S-SD and S-YD switch to Västerås tower 130,6”.

“Cooooooomeeeee flyyyyyyy wiiiiith meeeeee”

After one touch and go landing I decided to land in order to avoid the parachute jumpers that were falling from the sky. Taxied in and parked next to ESD. Together we bounced in to the club house and paid 10:- for two cups of coffee, not to bad. While Anders discussed matters with his mother who had arrived by land bound means of transportation, I surfed the net and checked the weather for the return.


Just before noon we returned to our aircraft and set course back to Sundbro and after a mediocre TGL i decided I’d had enough for today and watched A. “tame” his plane (or perhaps it was the other way around) while doing my paperwork.


With Anders back on ground I gathered my belongings and took the right hand seat for the return to Vassunda and onwards home where my meteorology studies awaited me.


2 Responses to “Rote” and TGL

  1. tupplurad says:

    Great fun as usual, but I do think it is a bit more fun when you are in the same cockpit as I. Next time we’ll do a “rote”-like flying you better have your certificate. I dare you to do the next flight down to Stegeborg, lunch will be on me.

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