The end is near

Today I realized how near the end I am with my flying when M. asked what things I felt needed to be repeated. After a quick lunch from “Café Sundbro” we moved out to SE -IYD and did all the necessary checks before heading out towards runway 03.  Departed north towards Skuttunge church and onwards toward the practice area over Lake Tämnaren. The first exercise was a few normal stalls with and without flaps that were performed without any problem. Following this I carried out a number of power-on stalls also with good results. Mikkel however seemed a bit bored and asked to take over the controls and showed me that a C172 can be much more fun compared to a roller coaster ride with spins and various other moves. On the return towards Sundbro I really had to be alert as IYD suffered a number of engine failures and since nothing worked I had to find a suitable field to land on, a quite easy task in northern Uppland 🙂   Back at Sundbro I entered in to the traffic pattern and made two normal touch and go landings before simulating flap failure for a few laps and finally two normal ones before making a perfect last landing as the traffic was now quite intense.  Taxied in to the hangar and completed the paperwork before summing up the day with M. as almost as good as it should be with only a few minor flaws (speed and altitude on the base leg). Stopped in town to pick up some personal belongings I had left behind after Thursday/Fridays adventures 😉

Tomorrows plan, weather allowing is:

-N0100A015 DCT


-N0100A025 DCT LNA DCT


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