Today was a big day, would I be approved to do my check ride on Friday or would I need some more practice?

Arrived at Sundbro just before 0900 after dropping some stuff in C’s mailbox as she was away over the weekend. Checked the latest winds and was a bit annoyed when it showed 300/5 meaning that the flight today would not be too much of a challenge. Next step was to pull out SE-IBX and refuel her for the trip. When Len-Eric arrived with his first student we had a mini-reunion with four students from the autumn 06 theory course namely Elisabet, Magnus, David and myself catching up on everyones progress.

After a few good laughs, Len-Eric and myself jumped on board SE-IBX and taxied out to runway 21 and took-off towards Skogs-Tibble maintaining 1000ft until we were out of the control zone where we climbed to 1500ft and cleared R77. We casually discussed the Swedish autumn weather and flying in general before approaching Västerås. Due to a lot of activity we were asked to maintain 1500ft until we were well cleared of Hässlo, a clearance resulting in a rather rapid decent towards Johannisberg. Joined the traffic pattern at J-Berg only to find out that we were the only aircraft there!! What is wrong when people are not flying in such glorious weather!? Performed one touch and go before heading east towards “Golfbanan” and onwards to LNA NDB. Some small theoretical questions from Len-Eric along the way but nothing I could not handle. Entered the Uppsala area and performed a number of fully satisfactory normal and steep turns at 2000 ft while waiting for SE-IYD to land as well as 2 stalls. Headed towards Sundbro and performed two power off landings as well as one without flap. Last thing on the education plan was to try an aborted take-off which was quite interesting on a wet runway. We then taxied in and summarized the lesson as quite successful even if Len-Eric was more content than myself. Last thing that remained was to complete some tests that had not previously been done (technical test on the C172 and communications exam in English).

After 7 hours at the field, I headed home and tried to digest everything. No more flying before the big day now apart from in my head.

6 days and counting 😮


2 Responses to Approved

  1. Gerth says:

    I’ll keep my thumbs hard!

  2. PC says:

    Thank’s! Looking forward to a trip to AGH soon 🙂

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