Aircraft booked

November 29, 2007

Between 12 and 14 tomorrow, Friday, weather pending. Any takers?



Let it snow let it snow…

November 28, 2007

…and sabotage my flying plans!

ESSA 280830Z 280918 25010KT CAVOK TEMPO 1418 4000 -SN BECMG  1618 BKN013=


The big guys fly I

November 26, 2007

By demand

November 25, 2007

I had people ask me for pictures from the trip over Arlanda yesterday so here they are, all taken by Christian Andersson:








S-BX you are cleared direct to Arlanda tower

November 24, 2007

After a busy three days I felt that it was time for something that would help me relax, so upon returning home, I booked a plane and called my friend Christian to ask if he wanted to come along. As he gladly accepted, we decided that he would pick me up and together we would head out to Sundbro.

  At the field we went to pull out and PFI SE-KUZ, only to find out that no one had connected the heater and hence she  refused to start.  Slightly annoyed over this fact, we remained in the club house until SE-IBX parked outside. Talked to the pilot and found out that the person who had booked the plane had to do something else and so the aircraft was ours.

Quickly verified that the aircraft was “fit for flight” and started up without any problems heading out to runway 21, became airborne quickly and turned towards Uppsala-Näs.  From there, we continued down towards Vassunda where I requested to enter the Arlanda control zone to do the normal “Tour de Sigtuna” making sure to avoid the active R areas over Kungsängen.

 After just one lap this time (time to come up with another destination!?) I called up the tower and asked if there was any chance that we could go via Arlanda on the way back and to my surprise the response was “S-BX proceed direct to Arlanda tower!” When we were almost over the field the next request was “S-BX please orbit Arlanda tower due traffic” giving us a chance to enjoy a birds eye view of the nations largest airport with planes preparing for departure to Bangkok, Istanbul and other destinations around the world. After we were clear of the traffic course was set to Vassunda again and the 
cheery controller wished us a good remainder of the weekend.

 We headed up towards Sundbro again, this time over the city where I climbed to 1,500ft before reducing to idle power for a power-off landing on runway 21. After landing, we parked the aircraft and prepared it for a cold night and headed home after a nice 35 min in the air.

Bunny and Skippy

November 20, 2007

Sometimes you find a comic strip that just describes you and/or a friend perfectly.

 Today I came over one describing Anders and myself perfectly. The question is just, who is who!?

 “Stolen” from

Åland part II (EFMA-ESKC)

November 19, 2007

For part one see 

After a very enjoyable stay in Mariehamn we returned to the airport only to find the tax-free still closed. Instead we passed through the gate and returned to our aircraft.


This time it was my turn to be in control while Anders took care of the radio traffic and paperwork.  Started the engine and rolled out to the holding point and where I performed the points on the the run up checklist. 

After lining up on the runway Anders reported us fully ready with an immediate takeoff clearance from the tower.  Rotated early on the nice and long runway and climbed out towards the north before turning towards DODAM on the border between Finland and Sweden FIR. As the weather was better than anticipated we had requested to cruise at 4,500ft instead of 2,500ft.


Just when reaching DODAM the tower asked us to switch to Sweden control and Anders cheerfully signed us off the island until next time.

   Sweden control acknowledged our presence and soon handed us over to Stockholm control where the controller on duty really showed impressive radio skills as the traffic was quite heavy.


In a quiet moment we requested a descent towards Sundbro and soon we were handed over to Uppsala Tower, still open despite the late hour. Headed straight towards the runway intersection at Ärna and from there, straight to a right base for runway 21 all the way to an OK landing.   Parked IYD completed the paperwork and headed home dropping Ben of in Märsta.