Taking a trip with the DA40

After having flown PA28 and C172 for a while during my PPL training I thought it would be fun to try something else so I agreed with my friend John to take a trip with SE-LYA around the west coast of Sweden.

  At Säve we prepared the aircraft and the required paperwork deciding that our flight would take us to Trollhättan Airport for a touch and go before returning back to Säve.

 At 1223 we taxied out to runway 19 and trailed a PA28 towards Bohus. As he was also heading our way we climbed to 2500 ft and performed a few stalls and 0G runs much to the discontent of the passenger in the back seat.  


 As we approached Trollhättan we contacted the tower and were cleared for a touch and go on runway 33 maintaining visual separation to the PA28 that we had once again caught up with.


Final to RWY 33


Once airborne again we set course towards Vane-Ryr and then a direct course towards Säve. This time we performed a couple of power-off approaches (no we didn’t land) and I was surprised how well the aircraft behaved despite the first time for me flying with stick.


Completed the day with an ILS approach to runway 19 (good job John) and handed LYA over to the next pilots.

In conclusion the DA40 did surprise me positively in the way it flies. However, the issue with the Diesel engine is still there but I am sure this will improve over time.



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