Lazy Sunday to Västerås

Time had come for my second flight with passengers since I obtained my licence and just as last time one of the passengers was named Anders who, togheter with Felix, had been liberated from the female species at home. 😉

At 0945 the car rolled up on Väringavägen and I quickly jumped in the back seat and off to Sundbro we went.  When we arrived, we checked the latest weather data before pushing out SE-IYD from the hangar in an act looking almost like Bambee on ice before having pulled it over to the refueling station.


A super helper when refueling

 SE-IYD is ready for departure

At 1100 I released the brakes and rolled towards runway 21. On the way out we were greeted by my instructor coming in together with a student on board SE-ICL.

   Completed the engine run up and lined up on runway 21, took a deep breath and took-off. Once airborne, I contacted Stockholm control to activate our flight plan. At 1500 ft it was time for the refreshments, much to the delight of everyone on board.


Refreshment time

When approaching Västerås we were told to contact Västerås and as the tower was closed we were “on our own” with the other aircraft around. As runrway 01 was in use, I opted to head towards LE NDB and from there make a long downwind to join the traffic pattern at 1000ft.


Turning final rwy 01



On the centerline, my descend is good!

Made a decent landing and vacated the runway via TWY C and onwards to Apron 4 where the aircraft was prepared for our short visit before we walked up to the local flying club to meet Patrik.

     Together we visited the aviation exhibition and SAA with their Garmin 1000 aircraft that made both Anders and myself drewl.





After the visit, we took a light lunch before returning to our “ride” and the trip back to Sunbro. Obtained a clearance directly “home” and stayed at 1200ft for the whole flight due to some nasty looking clouds. Rounded the day with a perfect landing on rwy 21 and managed to park IYD on the most icy patch the field had to offer resulting in me requiring help from Anders and Felix to get the aircraft inside.  Completed the paperwork and headed home to Anders from where I started my 4 km walk home.

Final final approach of the day





2 Responses to Lazy Sunday to Västerås

  1. Anders says:

    “Weehooo” cheered the passengers. “We survived!”

    As always a pleasure flying with you, even though it was strange not to be in the left seat. Looking forward to many more times like this. Felix did tell Josefin when we got home that “PC knows how to land”.

  2. Leif says:

    Refreshment time ????

    Trodde det skulle vara “Dammsugare” ????

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