Åland part II (EFMA-ESKC)

For part one see http://tupplur.blogg.se 

After a very enjoyable stay in Mariehamn we returned to the airport only to find the tax-free still closed. Instead we passed through the gate and returned to our aircraft.


This time it was my turn to be in control while Anders took care of the radio traffic and paperwork.  Started the engine and rolled out to the holding point and where I performed the points on the the run up checklist. 

After lining up on the runway Anders reported us fully ready with an immediate takeoff clearance from the tower.  Rotated early on the nice and long runway and climbed out towards the north before turning towards DODAM on the border between Finland and Sweden FIR. As the weather was better than anticipated we had requested to cruise at 4,500ft instead of 2,500ft.


Just when reaching DODAM the tower asked us to switch to Sweden control and Anders cheerfully signed us off the island until next time.

   Sweden control acknowledged our presence and soon handed us over to Stockholm control where the controller on duty really showed impressive radio skills as the traffic was quite heavy.


In a quiet moment we requested a descent towards Sundbro and soon we were handed over to Uppsala Tower, still open despite the late hour. Headed straight towards the runway intersection at Ärna and from there, straight to a right base for runway 21 all the way to an OK landing.   Parked IYD completed the paperwork and headed home dropping Ben of in Märsta. 

2 Responses to Åland part II (EFMA-ESKC)

  1. Leif says:

    Voj, voj, så var det gjort, och jag var inte med, hummmm.

    Härlig bild på piloten.

    “next turn” ???? !!!!

  2. Bosse says:

    Trevlig reseberättelse. Fick nu mer insperation till min planerade Ålandsflygning nästa år.

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