Tour de Mälaren – epilogue

Woke up too early this mornning, about 2 hours before my alarm set for 0645, surfed on to the LFV website to obtain the current weather and forecast for the flights, all looking better than the evening before.

  Made myself a steady breakfast and took plenty of time to read the morning paper both in paper form and online before taking a quick shower and heading down the stairs to Leif, dessignated driver for the day and together we set course towards Sundbro.

 At Sundbro we discovered IYD to suffer from technical problems (or just early morning fatigue) and a quick check later in the booking system determined that SE-GON would be our ride for the day and so all paperwork was changed accordingly.

Walked out to the hangar to perform my the PFC and calculate how much fuel we would need to add before departure.

In order to speed up the process Ben refuled the aircraft according to my instructions while I checked one last time for the winds or anything else that could disprut the flight.




Weather and fuel

A few moments later we were all set and rolled out towards runway 03 where the run-up was done before calling up Uppsala Tower for our clearence. Today we were sent straight up to 3,500 on QNH1040 straight towards LNA NBD.

What a beautiful morning!

After LNA we headed towards Dunker VOR, passing the city of Strängnäs enjoying the winter landscape. Shortly after Dunker, Stockholm handed us over to Östgöta control where from whom I requested vectors for an ILS to runway 26 and was quickly sent on my first vector. Upon establishing on the localizer we heard SE-IPR with Patrik and Fredrik onboard. The last 6nm were taken care of by Skavsta tower.

 After landing we backtracked and exited the runway via TWY Bravo and followed the marshaler on to apron 4 where we parked the aircraft and watched the boys arrive in their RG.

A coffee and cinamon bun later we were ready for the next leg towards Västerås and after a bit of running around, we found someone who could let us out and the lady closely examined (or at least pretented to) examin Fredrik and my papers before escorting us out.  

Papers please gentlemen!


The “front seaters” of GON and IPR respectively

 As GON is quite a lot slower compared to IPR we started first and rolled out to the holding point. After a Ryanair landing we were cleared for takeoff and headed towards Lidsjön on 1500ft. Looked back and saw IPR hold for a Ryanair depature to Basel.

Quite an uneventful flight up to Västerås with entry in to the control zone via Golfbanan and a great landing on rwy 01 parking the aircraft on apron 3.

Very short final rwy 01 at Hässlö

At Hässlo it was time for lunch and this time it consisted of a McLunch that we brought back with us to the flying club and said goodbye to Patrik and Fredrik before preparing the last leg home to Sundbro that took just under 30 minutes and was even more uneventful on 2,500ft than the leg before.

Coming in for the last landing of the day

 As usual, the aircraft was tucked in and paperwork completed counting to 2 hours and 5min in the air and a total of 2 hours and 35 minutes in the plane and yet an other great flight with great people.



4 Responses to Tour de Mälaren – epilogue

  1. Leif says:

    Hallå där, kalla Västerås landningen för “a great landing on rwy 01” är ju bara förnamnet.

    Tre man i maskinen tittade bara på varandra och undrade, “Har vi landat ännu???”, inte en skakning – ryckning i maskinen, det var som att smeka en skön kvinna.

    Tack för en pragtfull dag.

  2. Mats-Erik Persson says:

    Ni grabbar vet att leva ni……….
    Jag tror att Leif har valt sina grannar med omsorg,det kan väl inte bara var tur.
    Själv får jag trängas med en massa andra på Flight AY090 på väg mot Asien.
    God tur med din forsatta flygning PC .
    “Meppen” i Glada Hudik

  3. Peo says:

    Så du har börjat fuska med ILS:er nu… =) När blir det dags att lära sig flyga dem på riktigt då?

  4. PC says:

    Leif: Bara roligt att ha dig med på äventyret

    Meppen: Kul att du hittat hit också. Kaka söker maka heter det ju så jag tror att Leif och jag valde varandra :p

    Peo: Tänkte ge mig 100-150 timmar först

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