2008, a year of opportunities

Most often, people look in the rear mirror before they look forward. Most of you who know me well know I like to do things differently so I will start by looking forward in to 2008 instead.

 The absolute number 1 priority, no doubt, is to find a new job. 2007 didn’t end to well in that respect so I am on a offensive hunt for something to keep myself occupied.  Once this is done deal there are a number of things I hope to be able to do and they are:

 * Get out of my parents place and find a habitat of my own

* Travel!  I hope to do BKK and/or NYC + more

* Generate some more flying hours in my logbook. This includes Vassunda-Bodø with Anders and of course a trip or 10 to Mariehamn

* A very personal mission

* Take an introductory course in law

* Other things that are written in the stars

Let us see how much of this will be achieved, 361 days and counting…..!


2 Responses to 2008, a year of opportunities

  1. Leif says:

    Voj, voj, positiv som alltid, gläder mig.
    Hitta jobb, bra.
    Flyga, bra (jag kan nog bistå med lite sponsring).
    Eget boende, bra (men skit för oss som behöver spetskompetens)
    Resten har jag ingen åsikt om.
    Och i morgon åker vi till Kina.

  2. anders says:

    1) Leaving the nest eeey? Well… you DO have a license for it now. We (as in me and felix) hope it won’t be too far from us…

    2) Ah… you mean *Legally* fly between sunset and sunrise

    3) 🙂

    4) I am so much looking forward to Bodö! Btw… you need to get a better schedule from mariehamn on operating hours for the taxfree shop.

    5->) YEAH… and don’t forget portablefuture.. ;-p


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