May I see your passport please!?

February 29, 2008

And so this week had to come to an end to. Today’s class contained (almost) everything we need to know about various forms of ID that than be used for travel such as passports, national id cards etc. etc. and basic tips how to detect a fraud.  The final hour was role play where we were assigned different passenger roles that the poor check-in agent had to face. I put on my angry Norwegian and Norwegian on holiday costume. The instructor laughed so hard at everyone’s acting that he had to hold on to the bench in order not to fall on the floor. 


                                              No, I will NOT upgrade you to business class!

Sorry for perhaps not providing you with the most elaborate blog entries this week, but I hope this will improve starting next week when I face reality.

MAYBE, there will also be some room for flying this weekend if SMHI allows me.   


Anyone around Arlanda next week?

February 27, 2008

Then do look out for me when I am out in reality (most likely without a uniform as the delivery time is long):

Mo: 0430-1100
Tu: 0815-1600
We: 0815-1515
Th: 1430-2300
 Fr: 1045-1800


February 27, 2008

The last two days have been spent working with reality i.e. the system called Passenger Aircraft Coordination System (PACS) which is more or less the system we use for checking in our passengers, regardless of airline.

This system allows us to keep track of the passenger and any service requests they may have. We can also use it to register API (Advanced Passenger Information) for flights to the US and find information regarding customs procedures/visa information etc.

Furthermore, it is also used at the gate to handle the boarding of passengers as well as upgrades.

To get a better grip of it, we spend the majority of the day carrying out a vast number of exercises with different passenger scenarios both individually and in groups.

 I was hoping to give you a screen dump of the system but I haven’t been able to get a good screen just yet so it will be put on my “to show” list.

Tomorrow: DGR (dangerous goods)

I can now make your bag look like a Christmas tree and send it to HVN or HEL.

February 25, 2008


Monday and a new day at “school” facing the topic of baggage, one open to a lot discussion between us behind the desk and the passenger we face. During this part of the course, we looked at weight vs. piece concepts i.e. if your baggage allowance is based on weight or the number of items, the various exceptions to the standards and the various ways of tagging bags. One example we hade made the bag look like a Christmas tree with a multitude of tags for various purposes. Finally, we looked at special baggage such as skis, golf clubs and bicycles and the general rules for overweight and insurance of checked luggage for different carriers.  Even if I am not saying that the rest of the course as not been interesting, it will still be fun tomorrow when we start putting the pieces together in our PACS workshop.  Oh, and by the way: Don’t try to ask me to get away from the overweight charge 😉

Tickets please…. and a new toy

February 23, 2008

All good things must come to an end and the first week of the course was no exception to this rule!

   The subject of the course for the day was “Tickets” and I think it is quite self explanatory.  We looked at various forms of tickets such ast TATs, MITs, ETKTs, ETPLs, ATBs etc. as well as various FOIDs (Forms Of IDentification) that we may see when we are at work. This included how to retrieve ticket info from PACS, Amadeus and Resaid as well as what we can and can not do.  The day was concluded with some individual exercises.

Since I was heading up to Uppsala for the evening/night, I offered Johanna, Emilia and Frida a lift since they were heading the same way and left them at ICA in Flogsta before continuing to I where I enjoyed a shellfish soup and (too much) good white wine. The evening included also included a meeting with Winston, the puppy belonging to I’s family.

 When heading down this morning, I found myself having left the keys at home and since no one was going to be home before 1500, I drove to Vassunda airfield for a snooze. After a while, aviator supreme Anders arrived with SE-ESD and I helped him park and joined back to Sigtuna for a coffee and a chat.

Now, full after dinner, I am enjoying my new little toy, the Nokia N95 🙂

This entry cnxled due to confidentiality reasons….

February 21, 2008

Too bad I can’t write anything worth writing about, as all we discussed today is strictly confidential. New entry either tomorrow or Sunday.

There are passengers and then there are passengers…

February 20, 2008

…or PAX as we can also call them.

 After the introduction yesterday, we now started to look at the various types of people we will face, once out in reality.

Som of the passenger categories we discussed today were:

– UMNR  = Unaccompanied Minor and our responsabilities when dealing with them

– INF     = Infants

– PRM = Passengers with reduced mobility

– MAAS = Meet and Assist

– LANG = Language (if the passenger is unable to speak english/(local language)

– BLND = Blind passengers

– DEAF = Self explanatory?

– Incapacitated passengers.

– Different types of wheelchair categories and the treatment of those pax.

– People needing an extra seat




– Commercially Important Persons

– Deportees

– Inadmissibles

– ID pax


Tomorrow we will have a mandadtory Airport Security Course