Donating blood – an easy way of contributing


This past Thursday I did something that has been in the back of my head since the day I turned 18. However, having lived abroad for a few years and the uncertainty about staying in Sweden my donation of blood has been put off until now.  Strolled up with a good friend to Akademiska in Uppsala and entrance 62 where the “blood central” is located.  We were greeted by a very friendly nurse and handed information as well as a health declaration to fill in.  This included a set of “yes” and “no” questions regarding medical history, stays abroad etc. and then sat down to wait for our turn while the information was registered as there were quite a few people present (but there could be more).  

Once called, yet another friendly nurse took me in to a room where she asked questions about why I wanted to give blood, the process and finally confirm the details I had submitted on the form. This was followed by the measuring of my blood pressure and the taking of a blood sample to determine blood type, and confirm that I am free from jaundice, syphilis, HIV or HTLV. This whole process lasted about 30 minutes and as with every subsequent visit it is concluded with something to drink and a sandwich.

 So why am I doing this? I find it to be an easy way of contributing to the health care system we have and keeping in mind that I might be in need of blood again at a later stage in life.  It is also a way of saying thank you to two successful surgeries had as a child. Finally, I asked myself the question “why not?” and could not come up with a satisfactory answer so…….. 

 I know there are quite a few aviators reading this blog and if I am not completely off the hook JAR FCL-3 has nothing  stated about this. However, the chief medic of the Swedish CAA does recommend 48 hours between donating and flying. For more information (in Swedish) see:      

6 Responses to Donating blood – an easy way of contributing

  1. Bosse says:

    Vi hade den här frågan uppe om att ge blod under en av lektionerna när jag pluggade flygteori. Läraren sa att det inte fanns några restriktioner om att piloter inte fick ge blod men avrådde från flygning den närmsta dagen/dagarna.
    Du har gjort ett bra beslut nu när du blivit blodgivare.

  2. isabelle says:

    topptopp:) pay it forward!!

  3. PC says:

    Bosse: Då var det som jag trodde. Gamla Ms. BCL sade 24 timmar tror jag.

  4. anders says:

    Well done PC. Nästa gång, så kommer du förbi här så jag får fylla på rejält med vodka i dig, så kan man köra instant bloody PC…

  5. Bea says:

    Bra initiativ! Har oxå tänkt samma sak, men av någon anledning så har det inte blivit av ännu, men jag får väl ta mig i kragen jag oxå nu framöver och gå och se om jag kan ge blod.

  6. Andrei says:

    As stupid as it may sound, I think I will do it too (if laws allow me to; cuz I ain’t doing it here)

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