Who am I, really?

I had a couple of questions from readers of this blog about who I am, so why not answer this question (if nothing else for my own sake).

We can start with the short version and call it: Key events in the life of PC

 1984 (March 28th) Born at 09:17 at Löwenströmska Sjukhuset, Upplands-Väsby, Sweden

1990 Moved to Bangkok

1992 Returned from Bangkok

2003 Graduated from high school

2003 Moved to France/Monaco for university studies at IUM

2006 Returned to Sweden and started to work

2007 Completed my Bachelor thesis and graduated

2007  Obtained my Private Pilots License (PPL)

2008 Possibly starting my Master’s degree at the university of Uppsala

And now for the extended version:

 Born at 09:17 on March 28th 1984,  at Löwenströmska in Upplands-Väsby, north of Stockholm. I spent my first  6 ½ years living in Sigtuna together with my parents, both working for SAS so yes, I am indeed a cliché child (or SAS kid if you like). These years also included my first trips to the U.S and Canada as well as surgeries on both my eyes.

  In 1990, much like today, SAS had too many pilots so an offer was given to my father to fly the Airbus A300B4 for Thai Airways during two years. So in August we left Sigtuna and headed via Helsinki to our new home.  At this age, the impressions from living in a different country become even stronger compared to when you are older.  It was also time for me to start kindergarten at ISB, a truly international environment with everyone getting along and shows how the UN has failed in many ways.

The BKK years involved a lot of traveling around the region to such countries as Australia, NZ, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia all leaving good memories.

However, all good things come to an end and on June 15th 1992 I boarded TG932 for the return to Europe.  

  The following 10 years were quite uneventful passing through good and bad years in school and travels, mainly in Europe apart from the US in 1997 and 1999 (the latter also including Surinam).

In 2003 I graduated high school from SSHL and with my IB diploma in my hand I set sail to university to study business. The choice fell on IUM and their Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and set sail south in August the same year with the idea that I would not return to Sweden.

My “bachelor” years involved a lot of hard work, but also a lot of fun and trips to visit friends and in 2005 one month in China to study business practice and culture.

In 2006 I had enough of the French Riviera and moved back home to complete my thesis and look for somewhere to work and employments as business developer and account manager until I was out in the cold again just before Christmas (due to downsizing of the company). After putting much thought in to what I would want to do with my life I decided to take on a job for SAS Ground Services for at least the coming six months and then do a Masters degree at the University of Uppsala.

 In terms of activities I enjoy flying (and hence why I took my PPL last October), traveling, food & wine and meeting new people.

 Alright, any questions?

2 Responses to Who am I, really?

  1. bea says:

    nej, jag tror ? har suddats ut nu 🙂

  2. F says:

    En stud(ent) från Uppsalalalala… 😛 se det som en PIC 😉

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