Welcome to SGS, my first day in the airline industry

Having waited for this day for almost a month, well quite frankly for most of my life, the first thing I realized when I woke up just after 6.am was that this was to be my first day as an employee in the airline industry.

  Took plenty of time to read the newspaper and have a steady breakfast before starting up the Renault  and heading out on the 263 towards Arlanda where I arrived at the staff parking (a.k.a “Beta”) less than 15 minutes after leaving home (a lot different compared to 90 minutes when I worked in Stockholm).

 On the bus towards the terminal everyone but myself was wearing a uniform of some sort and it was now I truly started to feel the airport community atmosphere and with just over one hour to spare, I set off to explore my new workplace.


Morning lineup at “Pier A”

 As 0830 approached, I moved towards terminal 5 and the meeting point and arrived as number 3 (of 10). We were then escorted by a PM (production manager) to a conference room where most of the day would be spent.


Welcome to SGS!

As this was merely intended to be an introductory day, we were “brain washed” with information about SGS, uniform code etc. as well as multiple names & codes to remember.

The afternoon was dedicated to various admin procedures such as the collection of parking permits and id cards and the fitting of uniforms, all three proving to be interesting in their own way. In terms of the uniform we had some difficulties finding the right sized jacket and coat. I shall leave out the details about the badge and parking permit from public view as I want to keep them for a while 🙂



My (censored)”badge”

This was “it” for the day and we meet again tomorrow morning for the first real course day at the SGS Learning Centre to soon become one of the first faces you might encounter when flying out of Arlanda.  


9 Responses to Welcome to SGS, my first day in the airline industry

  1. Feffe says:


    Grattis till ditt nya jobb !!!

    Jag kanske har missat något, eller så har du inte velat berätta men jag frågar ändå… Vad skall du bli på kursen?

  2. Bea says:

    Har du läst “air babylon”? Fick bara en flashback till den boken när jag läste den första delen av din text.

    Vilken terminal kommer du att hålla till i, om man får för sig att kika förbi på arlanda?

  3. PC says:

    Feffe: Se svar i din blogg!

    Bea: Du är inte den första som frågar men svaret är nej! Får se till att göra det ASAP 🙂

  4. Leif says:

    GRATTIS, GRATTIS, men varför skall alla ID-foton se ut som !!!???

    Du ser bättere ut i verkligheten.

  5. Bosse says:

    Kul att du nu kommit igån med det nya jobbet.
    Vem vet men vi kanske ses på torsdag då jag och gumman flyger ner till Barcelona. 😉
    Tidigt morgonflyg med SAS.

  6. anders says:

    Ah. Detta är alltså början på historien “Från Checkin till Cockpit”. Vi får ta en liten dammsugare på Valvet o fira tror jag.

  7. isabelle says:


    Finns väl inte mycket annat att säga än att det var på tiden:P

  8. anders says:

    Hahaha… Isabelle… kommentaren ingen annan vågade skriva!

  9. PC says:

    Leif: Tack!
    Bosse: Är på kurs på torsdag, vi försöker igen nästa gång 🙂
    Anders: From cockpit to check-in menar du? 😉
    Isabelle: Fräckis men tack! 😉

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