Hello, my name is Amadeus – introduction to various systems

Another fine day for me, starting about 15min before any alarm clock had the chance to take action to get me out of me.  With a big sturdy breakfast and a quick phone call to wake Ms. I up, I crossed the hill to have a cup of coffee with Pirjo and Therese and the sports centre and catch up on some gossip.

At 0715, I rolled down the hill towards the bus station in Sigtuna and joined the people awaiting the 803 bus towards Arlanda. As usual with the 803 it arrived seven minutes late and well onboard I started my iPod and picked up the latest “Metro”.  Some 25 minutes later, I arrived at the SAS hangar and walked right through security and up the stairs to the third floor, where I arrived as the second in my class, still with 40 minutes to spare allowing coffee and time to watch the planes land on rwy 01R.

  Once everyone had arrived our instructor Ewa showed us in to our classroom, our “home” for the coming weeks.


“New York”

We started by looking at SGS Wizard and EDM (Electronic Data Manual, containing all the essential information/procedures for “our” various customers.) The next system we were introduced to was Amadeus, the CRS. Here we learnt the basic information search strings, should we be asked my passengers for transfer, timetables, lounge access and other aspects related to the journey.

Finally, we looked at how to retrieve flight information and other “goodies” from SAS OP.

  All in all, a basic introduction to what we will be facing





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  1. anders says:

    Så när får vi se dig göra en cover på Falco?

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