There are passengers and then there are passengers…

…or PAX as we can also call them.

 After the introduction yesterday, we now started to look at the various types of people we will face, once out in reality.

Som of the passenger categories we discussed today were:

– UMNR  = Unaccompanied Minor and our responsabilities when dealing with them

– INF     = Infants

– PRM = Passengers with reduced mobility

– MAAS = Meet and Assist

– LANG = Language (if the passenger is unable to speak english/(local language)

– BLND = Blind passengers

– DEAF = Self explanatory?

– Incapacitated passengers.

– Different types of wheelchair categories and the treatment of those pax.

– People needing an extra seat




– Commercially Important Persons

– Deportees

– Inadmissibles

– ID pax


Tomorrow we will have a mandadtory Airport Security Course

6 Responses to There are passengers and then there are passengers…

  1. Leif says:

    Vaddå har jag nu blivit reducerad till en”PAX” !!!!

    Inte nog med att man skall slås med alla dina förkortelser på dina färdplaner nu startar du upp med en ny bunke förkortelser !!

    Hoppas bara att ditt liv inte blir förkortat av bara farten ;-))

  2. anders says:

    Interesting that you wrote ID pax after deportees and inadmissibles ;-p

  3. PC says:

    Guess that is how some people see us :p

  4. Bea says:

    Commercially Important Persons ???

  5. PC says:


    En CIP är typ; Ministers of Transportation, directors of partner airlines eller någon annan som försäljningskontoren/stationscheferna har utsett som viktiga relationer för bolaget. Dvs, folk vi skall “kiss some extra ass for”

  6. Patrik says:

    Hört om en grupp till… down west somewhere, kända för sitt fiskeri.

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