Tickets please…. and a new toy

All good things must come to an end and the first week of the course was no exception to this rule!

   The subject of the course for the day was “Tickets” and I think it is quite self explanatory.  We looked at various forms of tickets such ast TATs, MITs, ETKTs, ETPLs, ATBs etc. as well as various FOIDs (Forms Of IDentification) that we may see when we are at work. This included how to retrieve ticket info from PACS, Amadeus and Resaid as well as what we can and can not do.  The day was concluded with some individual exercises.

Since I was heading up to Uppsala for the evening/night, I offered Johanna, Emilia and Frida a lift since they were heading the same way and left them at ICA in Flogsta before continuing to I where I enjoyed a shellfish soup and (too much) good white wine. The evening included also included a meeting with Winston, the puppy belonging to I’s family.

 When heading down this morning, I found myself having left the keys at home and since no one was going to be home before 1500, I drove to Vassunda airfield for a snooze. After a while, aviator supreme Anders arrived with SE-ESD and I helped him park and joined back to Sigtuna for a coffee and a chat.

Now, full after dinner, I am enjoying my new little toy, the Nokia N95 🙂

4 Responses to Tickets please…. and a new toy

  1. anders says:

    I have to say that the ground services at Vasslanda were excellent today, but I definitely think that you should get a “Follow me” sign for your car. But we might solve that as a extra bonus when you wetlease the Yaris…

  2. Patrik says:

    TAT, SAT, RAT, OAT… förkortningar finns många

  3. Alex says:

    Very good choice.

  4. Leif says:

    Flygande pojkar har många vänner.

    Patrik: Jag är själv gammal soldat, 1 år Arteleri, 6 mån FN-soldat, 7 år i flygvapenet, trodde jag kunde förkorningar nog, men PC:s världen slår mej med hästlängder.

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