The last two days have been spent working with reality i.e. the system called Passenger Aircraft Coordination System (PACS) which is more or less the system we use for checking in our passengers, regardless of airline.

This system allows us to keep track of the passenger and any service requests they may have. We can also use it to register API (Advanced Passenger Information) for flights to the US and find information regarding customs procedures/visa information etc.

Furthermore, it is also used at the gate to handle the boarding of passengers as well as upgrades.

To get a better grip of it, we spend the majority of the day carrying out a vast number of exercises with different passenger scenarios both individually and in groups.

 I was hoping to give you a screen dump of the system but I haven’t been able to get a good screen just yet so it will be put on my “to show” list.

Tomorrow: DGR (dangerous goods)


One Response to PACS

  1. Bea says:

    När är du redo för “verkligheten”?

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