Fan mail to the editor

March 31, 2008

As I came in to the apartment after work tonight, there was a letter from a company¬†asking for money and a small package. As I wasn’t expecting anything I examined it and saw that it was sent from one of the readers of this blog in Denmark and contained this book:

Accompanying it, was a nice little note from the sender. If you have read the comments to some blog entries, you might be able to guess who this person is and if not, well then he/she will remain unknown to you. ūüėȬ†However there is a small message I would like to give¬†this person and it is:

¬†THANK YOU VERY MUCH! I shall start reading it as soon as possible ūüôā


Happy new year, when 23 becomes 24

March 30, 2008

09:17 on Friday, March 28th marked the moment when I became yet a year older and even if it was celebrated in a slightly calmer style compared to last year it was still a great day.

 After getting people to where they were going at work and eating a lot of cake with my dear colleagues I headed to Uppsala for a nice Greek dinner followed by a fantastic chocolate moose ehrm mouse and tea with Ms I.


My birthday mouse!

Only thing I missed this day was to fly but my annoying cold put a stop to this!

Happy easter from STOKESK

March 22, 2008

Today’s shift at Arlanda involved a 50/50 split between terminals 4 (domestic) and 5 (international) with a wide variety of passenger types making the day fly by, even if there was still plenty of time to catch breath and chit chat with colleagues. As we were all “in the same boat” a colleague had painted easter eggs and decorated the break room.


Throughout the day, I had frequent updates from my old friend Anna working for “KR” a.k.a. the ramp services about how little she had to do. A comparison at the end of the day showed that she had been scheduled 38% of the time whereas I had 108%!! talk about an interesting case of staff planning. Thus, the last hour when we had nothing scheduled it was time to pay her a visit and as you¬†are well aware, one should try to blend in with the culture of the place you are visiting and making¬†an exception would be ignorant:


Now you know why your bags always take so long to arrive!

The first step back to studying

March 21, 2008

While Sweden has taken a few days off for the Easter holoday, I’ve been busy with work and of course appying to my masters prog. in September. However, it will take until July 15th before I have my final answer.¬† The application has been submited as follows:

1. UU-P2113 РMaster in Strategic Marketing Management,  Uppsala universitet, Uppsala 2. UU-P2111 РMaster in Management of International Business, Uppsala universitet, Uppsala

3. UU-P2112 РMaster in Management in a Global Society, Uppsala universitet, Uppsala

All remaining now is to send my grades and other required documents to Strömsund where they will collect a nice layer of dust.

A typical work day could look like this:

March 19, 2008

0345: Wakeup, shower, and get dressed

0430: Drive to work

0445: Arrive at the staff parking and take the shuttle to terminal 5

0500: Check-in and verify the tentative duties for the day

0515: Confirming the first task and heading out to the economy class bag drop

0630: Moving out to the floor to help people with the self service machines

0730: 30 min break

0815: Economy class check in for the New York and Chicago flights

1010: Short break to catch my breath and grab some water

1015: Business class “bag-drop”

1130: Floor (see above)

1230: Luxurious long lunch break (on certain days this is as short as 30 min and the early break is 10-15min)

1330: Terminal 4 (domestic) with various duties such as floor, bag drop, service centre, guide.

1500: Time to sign out and head to the shuttle bus

1600: Arrive back home and take a short snooze

It is SAS fault that….

March 18, 2008

* It is snowing

* Sweden has stupid customs rules

* I’ve bought ticket I can not rebook for free

* I can not bring 100kg overweight for free

* The ATC system has broken down

* Spanair charges for golf clubs

* There are only middle seats left despite that I arrive at check-in 30 min before departure

* FlyNordic has cancelled their flight to Umeå (we have NOTHING to do with the airline)

* I miss my flight

* I’ve bought two tickets with too short connection time and can not have my bags sent all the way

* I did not bring a valid passport since I’m only travelling to the UK

etc. etc.

¬†Above are some of the comments I’ve had from passengers over the past weeks and I am quite sure I’ve left some out!

Lazy weekend

March 15, 2008


After a busy week at Arlanda, it is nice to enjoy some time off. The intention earlier this week was to go flying but with a TAF reading ESSA 151130Z 151221 31007KT 9999 -RASN SCT008 BKN015 TEMPO  1221 4000 SHSNRA BKN008=  I decided terra firma was a better place to be.

Apart from the course completion, there hasn’t been much to write about from the airport but things should come up to speed next week with the easter traffic. Only thing I can tell you readers is; If you are going to Thailand make sure your passport is valid 6 months after your return.¬† I would¬†have to use my all my¬†fingers and toes to count all the people who needed¬†emergency passports as a result of this and it is costly start to your holiday.

 Tomorrow, if the weather is somewhat ok, I will try to spend the day outside and then head to the airport to pick up Anders. who has been flying around Europe (as a passenger).