First day of station duty

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing! Opened my eyes and looked at the time, could it really be 0245, closed my eyes and looked again, yes indeed it was and time to get up. Turned on the tea kettle and fell in to the shower with the water on as cold as it could get so I would wake up.  After a cup of tea and being scared half to death by the newspaper falling through the door I was all set to go and strolled out to the garage to find a nice a warm Renault (thank you dad).

On my way out to the airport (16km) I did not see a single car until I reached the staff parking. Considering I had my parking permit I expected the gate to open as I rolled towards it but NO, of course it didn’t work this time either but then someone as the parking service must have seen me struggle on the CCTV and let me pass (thank you whoever that was as you might be reading this).

03:42 and all alone on the road 

Just as last time, I arrived just as the bus was about to leave, so I ran to the bus stop and relaxed during the ride in to terminal five.  I entered the terminal just after 4am, in time to see the preparations before the stampede of passengers arrive for the morning departures. Up to the offices and after struggling to remember the code, I finally punched the right four digits and was met by a number of colleagues all waiting to sign in for the day and receive the duties. However, my supervisor hadn’t arrived yet so I sat down and had a cup of coffee and sandwiches, catching up on the latest news on CNN.  When K. arrived we went through the day and signed in to receive our first task, checking in passengers traveling on DK1981 to Banjul. This didn’t turn out to be as “by the book” as planned since the conveyor belt came to a halt, preventing us from accepting any bags. The solution was to check in passengers as they were in line and accept the bags once the belt started to move again. Luckily enough everyone took it with a good laugh and some people wished me luck when they overheard the fact that it was my first day on the job.   Once all passengers were checked in we obtained new orders from the coordinator to proceed to the SAS bag drop to take care of passengers who had used the self service machines as queues were now building up. This was quite enjoyable as I had a few chances to speak French to customers resulting in quite a few smiles (I hope it wasn’t because my French was crap). As we were sitting there, a message came up granting us a breakfast break and we set off back to the office and summarized the first half of the day and were told that the next stop would be check-in for SK945 to Chicago. On the way out, we discussed the various document requirements for those heading west and other flight specific procedures.  It wasn’t without envy I sent passengers to Honolulu, Los Angeles, Seattle, Burlington and Orlando (amongst others). I also encountered my course mate Anne who was next to me and we exchanged some experiences from the first hours.  As this came to a close our last task ticked in but it turned out that we would have 30 minutes of idle time first and I decided to “pester” a person at LFV (the Swedish CAA) who I ran into while on my way to pick up some left behind papers at gate 8.  At 1005 I rejoined K. on the “floor” to help passengers with the self service machines and once again was able to swap between languages and chat with a few of the colleagues as well as course mates who were now increasing in number after a luxurious sleep in. Just before 1100 we decided that this was it for the day and discussed the shift and was given some valuable tips and tricks for the future.Headed back to Beta and decided to have a hair cut on the way home as I was looking more scruffy. Had trouble sleeping and decided to take a long walk and have a snooze before dinner. Tomorrow I have the pleasure of sleeping until 0600 🙂 

Spinning in the CD-player:

Spinning down my system: 



5 Responses to First day of station duty

  1. anders says:

    Great report PC! And you have a very happy little Roo here with a shiny blue pin on his crocodile pj…

  2. Patrik says:

    Inte illa din grodätare. Kul att läsa.

  3. Bosse says:

    Trevlig läsning PC.
    Upp kl. 02.45! Nja, jag är inte avundsjuk. Men sovmorgon till kl. 6.00 måste vara helt underbart. 😉

  4. duusen says:

    då gick du upp när jag la mig……..

  5. Leif says:

    Voj, voj, impad, yes, starkt marcherat, håll kursen så skall det nog gå.

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