Lazy weekend


After a busy week at Arlanda, it is nice to enjoy some time off. The intention earlier this week was to go flying but with a TAF reading ESSA 151130Z 151221 31007KT 9999 -RASN SCT008 BKN015 TEMPO  1221 4000 SHSNRA BKN008=  I decided terra firma was a better place to be.

Apart from the course completion, there hasn’t been much to write about from the airport but things should come up to speed next week with the easter traffic. Only thing I can tell you readers is; If you are going to Thailand make sure your passport is valid 6 months after your return.  I would have to use my all my fingers and toes to count all the people who needed emergency passports as a result of this and it is costly start to your holiday.

 Tomorrow, if the weather is somewhat ok, I will try to spend the day outside and then head to the airport to pick up Anders. who has been flying around Europe (as a passenger).



One Response to Lazy weekend

  1. Johanna says:

    tjenixen! Grattis till allt horru! Verkar som det gar bra for dig =) Hoppas det blir nagon flygning for er.. nu e det bara 1,5 manad kvar tills jag kan hoppa in i ett flygplan i lilla Alingsas och glida over staden! (och ja, lite smagalen maste man vara, haha) So long!

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