It is SAS fault that….

* It is snowing

* Sweden has stupid customs rules

* I’ve bought ticket I can not rebook for free

* I can not bring 100kg overweight for free

* The ATC system has broken down

* Spanair charges for golf clubs

* There are only middle seats left despite that I arrive at check-in 30 min before departure

* FlyNordic has cancelled their flight to Umeå (we have NOTHING to do with the airline)

* I miss my flight

* I’ve bought two tickets with too short connection time and can not have my bags sent all the way

* I did not bring a valid passport since I’m only travelling to the UK

etc. etc.

 Above are some of the comments I’ve had from passengers over the past weeks and I am quite sure I’ve left some out!

One Response to It is SAS fault that….

  1. Anne Zethrin says:

    Hehe!! äntligen sitter det på print… du har helt rätt, det är SAS fel det mesta ; )
    Vilken fin hemsida du har : ) jätte kul att läsa : )
    Vi ses på jobbet! KRAM Anne

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