A typical work day could look like this:

0345: Wakeup, shower, and get dressed

0430: Drive to work

0445: Arrive at the staff parking and take the shuttle to terminal 5

0500: Check-in and verify the tentative duties for the day

0515: Confirming the first task and heading out to the economy class bag drop

0630: Moving out to the floor to help people with the self service machines

0730: 30 min break

0815: Economy class check in for the New York and Chicago flights

1010: Short break to catch my breath and grab some water

1015: Business class “bag-drop”

1130: Floor (see above)

1230: Luxurious long lunch break (on certain days this is as short as 30 min and the early break is 10-15min)

1330: Terminal 4 (domestic) with various duties such as floor, bag drop, service centre, guide.

1500: Time to sign out and head to the shuttle bus

1600: Arrive back home and take a short snooze


2 Responses to A typical work day could look like this:

  1. Linn says:

    Jag var faktiskt på ARN både igår och idag 🙂 lämnade dock aldrig platta S… So, what about Lufthansa-dramat?!?!? Jag var där!!

  2. PC says:

    Lufthansadrama, what did I miss?

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