Happy easter from STOKESK

Today’s shift at Arlanda involved a 50/50 split between terminals 4 (domestic) and 5 (international) with a wide variety of passenger types making the day fly by, even if there was still plenty of time to catch breath and chit chat with colleagues. As we were all “in the same boat” a colleague had painted easter eggs and decorated the break room.


Throughout the day, I had frequent updates from my old friend Anna working for “KR” a.k.a. the ramp services about how little she had to do. A comparison at the end of the day showed that she had been scheduled 38% of the time whereas I had 108%!! talk about an interesting case of staff planning. Thus, the last hour when we had nothing scheduled it was time to pay her a visit and as you are well aware, one should try to blend in with the culture of the place you are visiting and making an exception would be ignorant:


Now you know why your bags always take so long to arrive!


One Response to Happy easter from STOKESK

  1. Bea says:

    thank you. och glad påsk till dig å, så här i efterskott 🙂

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