Back with flying

April 23, 2008

…but only as a passenger. Anders send me a message asking if I wanted to tag along to refuel at Barkarby so he would have enough fuel to fly to Sundsvall tomorrow. So at 1700 we took-off together with Leif from Vassunda and headed 20 minutes south.

  After a nice landing ooooon the center line Anders taxied us to the fueling station where I took care of the ramp service (after all, I do work for a handling agent 😉 ) We then had a quick cup of coffee before heading home again in the evening sun.

I think this picture describes how much I missed flying and that I MUST fly myself soon:




When they call you on a Saturday,

April 19, 2008

and ask you to work 0315-11 instead of 1800-0130 the answer you give is much like Ms. Piggy:

… Not this Sunday anyway

Caught between jobs

April 15, 2008



Not much new from the tales of Arlanda at the moment but I shall try to maintain the frequency of the updates better than in the past weeks.