“S-BX you’re number 7 for 19L” (or the 600:- hamburger)

Q: What does one do when you have nothing to do on a Wednesday afternoon?

A: Round up two friends, drive 45 km and fly a Cessna to Arlanda and enjoy a hamburger at MAX.


I decided that it was time to do something about it and suggested to Patrik and Fredrik that we could take a trip to Arlanda. Said and done, I contacted the slot coordinator and obtained a slot time at 1605Z and outbound again at 1715Z. Together with P, we drove up to Sundbro where we checked the aircraft to verify that she was in flying condition and filled in the last figures on the operational flight plan.

   When Fredrik arrived we took a coffee and chatted a bit before wandering out to IBX and starting the engine. Rolled out towards rwy 03 and did the final checks before taking off towards the north east. At 500 ft I turned the aircraft towards Uppsala-Näs contacting Stockholm control to activate our flight plan and almost instantly obtained a clearance to 2500ft.  A few moments later we were handed off to Arlanda arrival and now things started to become hectic on the radio, something that was confirmed with the words “S-BX you’re number 7 for 19L, make 360″.  A few vectors later we were finally told to “turn right heading 130 and cleared for approach runway 19L”. When passing the outer marker we were handed over to Arlanda tower and were cleared to land.

Am I really flying again!?


“S-BX make left 360”


Field in sight!

Shortly before touchdown

Follow me!

Upon rolling on the runway ground asks us to hurry off the runway as an SAS Boeing 737 was coming in fast behind us and would prefer not to do the second go around of the day. We continued up taxiway U to UE where the marshaller met up with us guiding us in to stand S77 where a big yellow bus was waiting to take us in to terminal 4. 

  While we left the parking attendants confused as to how to charge us the landing fee while we took an elevator 87m up to the top of the tower where we were given a guided tour of the top.


Back to the parking attendants, I paid the fees and signed the papers and decided to enjoy a nice big juicy Max burger.

Now to the pictures of the return journey which started from gate 30D at terminal 4 with yet another big yellow bus back to S77:

 To conclude, a very enjoyable journey as usual with Mr. Nilsson & Hjortberg!



6 Responses to “S-BX you’re number 7 for 19L” (or the 600:- hamburger)

  1. Bengt says:

    I love the fact they let the 737 line up directly behind you like that :)) Feel the pressure! “Bravo X-ray please expedite departure and use afterburner for take-off or you will be sucked into the 737’s compressors” – hehe…

  2. Bosse says:

    Det ser ut att varit en kort men trevlig resa, och upp i tornet kom du igen. 🙂

    Det hade varit kul att få den lilla Cessnan inklämd mellan de stora bjässarna inför starten på Arlandas taxibana. 😉

  3. Jonas says:

    Det var modigt gjort. Är så avundsjuk!

    Stort grattis! Nu har du ju bildbevis att du spelar i den högre PPL divisionen 🙂

  4. Leif says:

    Yep, “on the air, igen”.


  5. Bea says:

    Diggar den bilden när du står på banan med SAS bakom dig. Ser lite kaxigt ut som; “haha, jag är mindre, men jag får ändå starta före dig” 🙂

  6. atriple says:

    It was nice a really nice flight.You can now add ESSA to your “visited airports list. Impressive indeed!

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