New York New York

At the start of the year, one of my goals was to visit New York for the first time and on June 2nd this was realized.

 Monday June 2nd:  Leif drove me to Arlanda and I headed to counter 53 where one of my colleagues checked me in, printed my boarding pass and wished me a good journey. I then proceeded to our break room for a coffee and chat with some of my colleagues.

   Boarded as one of the last passengers, quickly found my seat for the day 01B and a glass of champagne was placed in my hand by a friendly air hostess. In regards to the flight I will let the pictures speak for themselves:






After landing I cleared through passport control and customs and was greeted in a friendly manner at both places before meeting up with T. who drove me to my hotel and a quick change later I was on the move again on the Subway and line 1 towards “South Ferry” station from where I took a round trip with the Staten Island Ferry to enjoy the skyline from the sea.

Ashore again, I took my two feet and walked around lower Manhattan before stopping for a real Sirloin steak!

The first day was rounded off with the downturn of the trip, The Empire State Building, packed with people and difficult to catch a view I swiftly returned back to the hotel for a well earned rest.



Day 2:

Woke up feeling very refreshed ready to see what I hadn’t yet seen and headed to town halting at 42nd street/Times Square for a typical New York Breakfast.

Not wanting to take the subway in rush hour I decided to walk via Radio City Music Hall and Rockefeller Centre (going up to the top), towards and down 5th Avenue until my feet were tired and then called E. to make plans for the evening.

From the top of “The Rock”



After lunch, it was time for two of NY’s most famous sights, the Statue of Liberty and Ground Zero

As the evening approached I met Erica and together with her, her brother and friend Catlin we visited a local Pizza place around the corner from times square and then headed to my area and a café featured in the movie “You’ve got mail” for a Root beer float.

Day 3:

 After wakeup, shower and checkout, I found myself back at times square (I came to quite like this area) and had a bagel and coffee at Starbucks.  

Then, finally after buying the last items on my list I took a taxi to Penn Station and the NJ transit to Newark airport and arrived just as my EWR colleagues were opening the checkin. Luckily enough I was told not to go through security control as there was nothing there and could thus browse the shops landside before boarding.

  This time the journey took place in economy class but at least I had 4 rows to myself and just after Iceland I was invited to take place in the jumpseat until we landed at Arlanda parking at gate F62/F32R 20 minutes behind schedule.


The whole trip can be concluded in four simple words  I LOVE NEW YORK! The city had everything and I am already looking forward to my next visit in the “Big Apple”.



2 Responses to New York New York

  1. Fred says:

    En rätt bortgömd låt som är ungefärligen lika gammal som bloggisten…om det stora äpplet:

  2. Leif says:

    Voj, voj, tänk att jag fick flyga till EAA flayin på Brakarby med en som har flugit “första klass” till “the big Apple”. Hupps, här blev jag impad och jätte avund sjuk.
    Nå, nå, min tur samman med mannen var heller inte så dårlig, tack för en kul dag.

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