When weather changes your plans, Bodö became Göteborg!

As the title suggests, our trip to Bodö didn’t quite turn out as planned but we managed to make the most out of it anyway.

When I picked up Anders and headed out towards Vassunda we noticed small patches of fog on the fields and started to worry about the takeoff but decided to wait and see and as our takeoff time approached it was clear that the weather was on our side.  Takeoff at 0520 heading towards Aros and slowly climbing to FL075


Two aviators on their way


As we reached our cruising altitude Anders brought out the coffee and we enjoyed listening to the various accents of eastbound pilots on Sweden control.   


Swedish summer morning

As we were approached the border the cloud base sank and we decided that 4000 would be a better altitude for crossing the border. It should turn out to be a good idea as the temperature sunk to sub zero and the precipitation was snow grains, not quite what one expects to see in June. 

  Closer to the border we were handed over to Oslo control and Anders, who had practiced hard over the past weeks, greeted them with a cheery “God morgen”. As they had a lot of inbound traffic, they quickly cleared us towards Gardermoen and proceeded via Kongsvinger and River Glomma towards Gardermoen.


On the Gardermoen tower frequency we were greeted by the cheery icon “Isak”, a controller known for his remarks and leaving most pilots with a smile on their face regardless if they are local or international. He cleared us straight over the field towards the downwind leg resulting in some nice pictures of the terminal and the surroundings taken by Anders, while I flew the approach touching down exactly on our slot at 0545L (0745 local time). Vacated at C1 and parked S-SD between a bizjet and some other prop aircraft.

 While Anders was doing some paperwork, I walked in the GA ops office and phoned the tower who invited us up for a visit. As the OPS had quite a lot to do they were not able to give us a lift in and we were told to take the shuttle bus from the nearby hotel. Now, as I was used to Arlanda where all our transfers are free, I was a bit surprised to learn that this bus charged 50NOK PER PERSON!! But cheaper than a taxi we decided it was a good option anyway.

Upon reaching the terminal, we headed down to the tower and were met by the above mentioned Isak who sadly enough had to dash off to a meeting but sent us up the elevator to his colleagues who allowed us to take pictures inside and from the balcony;


Smile! You’re on RT camera!! 🙂

We then met up with my friend Martin who drove us via a small sightseeing back to the GA terminal and took the following pictures for us:


As our departure time came closer, we “PFIed” S-SD taxied up to the tank station and waited for over one hour as the handling agent was busy with Foo Fighters departing and this required us to delay our slot twice.

 Once airborne we headed north but soon realized that the weather was rapidly becoming much worse than the forecast had said and a spilt second later we found ourselves heading back to Gardermoen and the GA terminal.  After some contemplating, we had to face reality and cancel our trip north. The question now was, where should we go now!? However a phone call later we were now preparing a southbound route instead to Göteborg Säve and my relatives.

 However, as the evening peak had now started at Gardermoen, we now had to wait one hour longer than we wanted as there were no slots for us, but at 1815 we could finally say goodbye to the Norwegian capital’s airport.

 After following the VFR departure route we flew over Oslo city centre staying well on the east side to avoid the rain over the Oslo fjord flying towards the Swedish border listening to the parachute lifters and the fire watch aircraft patrolling the area. At Halden we said farewell to Farris Control and Norway and found ourselves back with the familiar Sweden control who sent us down the beautiful west coast towards Säve where we landed some 2,5 hours after take-off.

Waiting to take off from C1

Northwestern Oslo

Downtown with SAS Plaza Hotel


Beautiful views

My uncle was waiting to take us home and on the way back we picked up the largest pizza I have ever seen. That night, the two  aviators slept like logs.

 The next morning, both Anders and I were up and running quite early and ready for a good breakfast before driving out to Säve again where S-SD had survived the night next to her Norwegian sister LN-ASM. We packed the bags onboard and I set off to settle the fuel and parking fees with the very friendly “C” office.

 30 minutes before schedule we called up Säve tower and were cleared out of the Gothenburg area via “LABAN” avoiding glider activity and parachutes at Vårgårda and Alingsås, the latter home town of fellow blog writer Johanna, while climbing to FL95.

Over lake Vättern we were handed over to familiar voices at Sweden control (Stochkolm AOR) and cleared through some restriction areas on the way, again smiling at the various accents on the frequency.

Cruising home

As we came closer to Stockholm we requested a lower altitude and suddenly we saw smoke rising from a group of trees. This turned out to be a fire that we reported before starting the well known approach to Barkarby via Stäket and sound found ourselves in the middle of the model days at the field.

When we had refueled and strolled around for a while, we set course back home again to Vassunda after a very fun journey, despite having to change our destination, or maybe that is why it was such a good trip!?  





8 Responses to When weather changes your plans, Bodö became Göteborg!

  1. tuppluren says:

    It was truly a fun trip! Again, anytime.

  2. atriple says:

    Seems like you had lots of fun. Marvellous trip report!

  3. Jonas says:

    Trevligt aventyr och val skrivet! Bra beslut och erfarenhet att vanda tillbaka till Gardermoen pga daligt vader. Kan tanka mig att det sved 😦

    Jonas utan svenska tecken…

  4. anders says:

    Vi borde skriva en bok om MCC i cessna 172… 🙂

  5. anders says:

    Jag har titeln klar; “Mina roder, din sändknapp”

  6. Leif says:

    Voj, voj, vilken resa, förnuftiga unga män som förmår att ändra sina planer, starkt gjort. Då törs jag flyga med er fler gånger.
    Så hände det visst en del på flygloggen i ingressen på “bloogen”.

    Tar hatten av och säjer hej.

  7. tuppluren says:

    Strömstad är inte Strömstad utan Grebbestad.

  8. Bosse says:

    En mycket trevlig reseberättelse. Kul med små äventyr där man planerar att flyga åt ett håll men blir tvungen att tänka om och hamnar på en helt annan plats än vad man först tänkt sig. Jag vet hur det känns. 😉
    Men bättre det än att ge sig in i dumdristigheter….

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